Can Cannabis Help to Gain Muscle

If you have questions like “<Is marijuana helpful to gain muscles?>” and “<what are the effects of smoking weed on gaining or losing weight?>” then, we have put whole details here about it based on some studies.

As of now, many countries around the world have loosened up their policies regarding cannabis and its usage. Canada is not lagging behind in this; the nation has legalized the marijuana or cannabis officially on October 17, 2018. But there are certain rules and regulations are set by the government about the eligibility of a person to possess cannabis and have access to it. If you want to buy weed online in Canada then there are several reliable sources available as quality does matter on the effect of the marijuana on body growth. An Online dispensary in Canada has grown since the legalization of cannabis in the country, where you can buy qualitative weed online in Canada at a reasonable rate.

One of the main reasons people pour out their sweat in the gym is to build muscle mass. There are some people who want to increase their metabolism by gaining this body mass and there are some people who want to get a fit body and have shredded six-pack abs. Usually, people are being suggested by their trainer to have a proper diet to get body mass and some whey proteins and other mass gainer supplements available in the market. Some also suggest the steroids to get shredded body; people can buy steroids in Canada in Tablets, Injectables, Anti Estrogen, and PEP forms.

There are several speculations and blogs surfacing on the internet that show good effects of smoking marijuana to get body mass. They make you think that pot is the new protein. Let’s see how weed can help you gain body muscles.

3 Ways Marijuana (Weed) Helps You Build Muscle

Smoking anything will somehow affect the lungs and body of a person. Smoking is going to affect your workout in a negative way but, here we are about to give you three reasons why we think moderate smoking weed benefits your workout journey.

  1. Mind Muscle Connection:

First of all, it is a great pre-workout. Pre-workout means something you take before hitting the gym so you get a better workout session. Generally, people who smoke, they have got the habit of it and smoking makes their focus on the things even sharper (we are not advocating that smoking can sharpen your focus skills, it’s the result of research done on the smokers).

We are not talking about smoking a whole joint and then hit the gym (because that will make you sleep on the bed before you could even walk). The moderate use of marijuana helps to soothe the mind and your mind connects with your body more and this connection helps you to gain more muscle by working out in proper proportions. This works like pre-workout and you will feel three times more focused than usual.

  1. Relaxation:

Now we are talking about the post-workout. After you have has a crazy intense workout, you are dripping in sweat, you might be a little bit angry throwing weights everywhere on the floor for the past 2 hours. You need to wind down because your stress levels are high, your muscles are tight, you are in pain so, you need some proper rest and relaxation. Smoking a moderate amount of weed after an intense workout will help you to wind down and get sufficient rest. A good rest is always helpful to build muscles and as we know nothing is more relaxing than smoking a little joint. THC edibles could be a really effective way to help your body wind down and relax in the evenings.

  1. Appetite:

We saved this benefit for the last because it is extremely beneficial for people who have trouble gaining muscles or trouble eating food. You need to feed your muscles to build some size. Weed has one characteristic when it gets you high, it increases your appetite. You will eat everything in your sight without having any issues. So apparently, sufficient calories intake is always beneficial to gain some body mass and marijuana does this help of yours.


Excessive consumption of weed by any forms either smoking or anything is not healthy for your body. If you want to use it to gain body muscles then we recommend moderate and proper use of it. We do not advocate or support the illegal consumption of weed if it is not legal in your region.