Can Dodgers get to 117 regular season wins?

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The Los Angeles Dodgers are the best team in Major League Baseball at the moment. With a record of 97 wins and 43 losses, they have a winning percentage of .693, and have a 20.5 game lead over the San Diego Padres in the National League West. They are also the first team so far to clinch a playoff spot.

While it may be completely far fetched, it is still mathematically possible that the Dodgers can still reach 117 wins this season. That would mean the Dodgers would have to post a record of 20 wins and two losses in their last 22 games. The Seattle Mariners and Chicago Cubs are tied for the record for the most  Major League Baseball regular season wins in a season with 116. The Cubs accomplished the feat in 1906 when the schedule was only 152 games, and the Mariners posted 116 wins in 2001.

Who do the Dodgers play?

Of the Dodgers’ 22 games left, they play the Arizona Diamondbacks seven times, the Colorado Rockies six times, and the San Francisco Giants, St. Louis Cardinals and San Diego Padres three times each. Of the 22 games the Dodgers still need to play, 19 games are against National League West divisional opponents.

What have the Dodgers done lately?

The Dodgers have played .700 baseball the last 10 games as they have won seven contests. They also have a three-game winning streak, as they beat the San Diego Padres 8-4 on Saturday and 11-2 on Sunday, and then blanked the Arizona Diamondbacks 6-0 on Monday. In the shutout win in the Phoenix desert on Monday, Dodgers starting pitcher Tyler Anderson threw seven innings and gave up only hits and two walks. Anderson has been spectacular for the Dodgers all-season long as he has a record of 15 wins and three losses with an earned run average of 2.62.

World Series Win Not Guaranteed

Despite the fact the Dodgers are the best team in baseball, a World Series title is far from guaranteed. Remember, there are 12 teams that will make the playoffs this season which will reduce the Dodgers’s chances. History is not on the Dodgers’s side. The 1906 Chicago Cubs won 116 regular season games but lost to the Chicago White Sox in six games in the World Series. Then, the 2001 Seattle Mariners won 116 regular season games but lost to the New York Yankees in five games in the American League Championship Series.

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