Canelo Alvarez Open to Terence Crawford Fight After Jermell Charlo


In a surprising turn of events, boxing superstar Canelo Alvarez has expressed openness to a potential fight against Terence Crawford following his bout with Jermell Charlo. The possibility of a matchup between Alvarez and Crawford has generated significant buzz in the boxing world, with fans and pundits speculating about the potential outcome.

Initially, Canelo Alvarez had dismissed the idea of fighting Terence Crawford, citing weight differences as a key factor. However, his recent comments indicate a change in his stance, leaving the door open for a potential showdown with Crawford.

Crawford’s Ambitions

Terence Crawford, a highly skilled and accomplished boxer, has been vocal about his desire to face the winner of the Alvarez vs. Charlo fight. Crawford, a three-time undisputed champion in different weight divisions, sees a potential matchup with Alvarez as an opportunity to further solidify his legacy in the sport.

The Debate

The possibility of a Canelo Alvarez vs. Terence Crawford fight has sparked a debate among boxing fans and experts. Here are some key points from both sides:

Proponents of the Fight

  • A matchup between two elite fighters like Alvarez and Crawford would undoubtedly generate significant interest and excitement within the boxing community
  • Both fighters possess exceptional skills and have achieved remarkable success in their respective careers, making a potential clash a true test of their abilities
  • The fight would provide an opportunity for Crawford to prove himself against one of the sport’s biggest stars and potentially elevate his status even further

Critics of the Fight

  • Some argue that the weight difference between Alvarez and Crawford could pose a significant challenge and potentially favor Alvarez, who has been dominant in the middleweight and super middleweight divisions
  • Others believe that there are more compelling matchups available for both fighters within their respective weight classes, and that pursuing a fight between Alvarez and Crawford may not be the best course of action
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