Cardinals Cudgeled By Thor, Mets On Opening Day


I ran downstairs to grab a sandwich for lunch.

I get back to the office and my phone looks like this:

Cardinals Cudgeled By Thor, Mets On Opening Day

If you’re going to hang your hat on pitching?

You should probably be better at pitching.


With the opening day loss, the Cardinals will now have a day off to sit in the corner and think about what they did.

The low-lights:

Carlos Martinez crossed his rocky spring training over the divide into the regular season.

  • 4.1 IP
  • 4 earned runs
  • 6 walks
  • 8.31 ERA

Not to be outdone, Matt Bowman’s current ERA is at 81. Eight one.

Sloppy defense?


Specious plate discipline?

Better believe it.

Suspect managing?

Hopefully Austin tuned out before the bottom of the 5th!

Already a full game back in the division?


Other items of dread?

  • Fowler not able to get on base from the lead-off spot (0-4)
  • Brett Cecil picking up where he started 2017
  • Pham’s 0-4
  • Marcell Ozuna wearing a ski mask in 51 degree weather (and his 0-4)




It’s only 1 game.

And there were some good things that happened (if Jose Martinez isn’t at 1B on Saturday afternoon, I SWEAR…).

But after a long off-season, this isn’t the way you picture opening day going.

I guess this is pretty OK, tho:

Let’s forget today happened and meet back here on Saturday for opening day 2018 deal?

Photo: Open Clip Art

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