Cardinals Fan Makes Cool Tabletop Baseball Game From Scratch


Do you guys ever read Paul Lukas’ ‘UniWatch’?

It’s a pretty dope blog. Dude goes deep into the minutiae of sports uniforms. And lest you think you know what sports uniform ‘minutiae’ actually is – unless you’ve been to this site… I’m not sure you do.

From a Vice profile on Lukas:

“The Brannock Device is like my quintessential example of this,” he said—the thing you use to measure your shoe size. “It’s a universal touchstone in our culture; like there’s literally nobody in America you can think of whose foot has not been in a Brannock Device at some point. But almost nobody knows what it’s called. So it’s simultaneously ubiquitous and anonymous, which to me is a very powerful combination.” Lukas’s work seeks mainly to elucidate that anonymity, to give it names and histories and cultural context. His devotion is such that he sports a Brannock Device tattoo.

This is all a very long preamble into a post he put up today on a DIY tabletop baseball game made by a man named Jeff Callahan that I thought was pretty cool:

I recommend heading over to the post to see the step by step of how he did it.

I don’t know why I thought that Jeff might be a Cardinals fan. But in case you’re also wondering?

I purchased blank game pieces from a craft store and thought about how to paint them. I knew I wanted the players to reflect the uniform element I love most: the socks. I’m a St. Louis Cardinals fan, so I designed one team with a stripe pattern based on the Redbirds’ classic socks and stirrups:


Cards fans are still the best.

Photo: UniWatch

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