Cardinals Have Good Fans


Several months ago I moved and bought a new TV.

It’s a nice TV.

Thin. Excellent picture. Looks good even when it’s off.

It’s got style.

Maybe it’s because it’s summer. Maybe I’m getting more used to watching content on small screens. But I can tell you that there are days when my TV doesn’t get used at all.

Sunday, though, I had about 15 minutes to kill, so I turned it on and tuned in the COL vs AZ game that was being broadcast nationally on TBS.

Here’s the scene I saw:

Cardinals Have Good Fans

Not to be too flip, but you for real Denver?

It’s September.

You’re in the hunt for a playoff spot for the first time since 2009.

You’re playing the team ahead of you in the Wild Card race.

It’s a beautiful Sunday afternoon and on Monday… most of you are off work.

And this is what you give your team? A light smattering of purple?

The official paid attendance was posted at 33,838, but we know how that works in professional sports.


To be fair Rockies fans have the 8th best attendance in MLB this season with an average of 36,693/game. (The Cardinals are 2nd.)

And, yes, it was a hotter than normal day for Denver, I’m sure keeping some people away.


You may ask, what’s the point of putting this on a Cardinals blog?

I wanted to remind anyone that works in the Cardinals front office that they’ve got a pretty special fan base. It’d be pretty hard to imagine a holiday weekend game with playoff implications in September at Busch Stadium producing such an image as can be seen above.

That’s all.

Photo: Baseball Chick

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