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This baseball season I’ll be contributing to monthly MLB power rankings that will be shared among several sites. If you’re the type of baseball fan that enjoys ‘power rankings’ or you’re just the kind of person that likes lists in general… enjoy:


If you’re here because you’re a relative and are doing me a favor, I’ve put the blurbs I wrote for the Cardinals and Cubs below.


1. Chicago Cubs – 2016 Record: 103-58 – World Champions

No longer the lovable losers, the Cubs are poised to be the most dominant MLB franchise since the late 90’s Yankees. Las Vegas has them as the heavy favorite to repeat as World Series Champions (4/1) and why wouldn’t they? With all the young talent having shed 108 years of baggage, they’re free to ball. Oh… and they get Kyle Schwarber back for a full season.

11. St. Louis Cardinals – 86-76

Will adding Dexter Fowler (via free agency) and Lance Lynn (back from surgery) be enough to close the 17.5 game gap they had with the Cubs in 2016? Probably not, but after missing postseason action via the wild card by only only 1 game last year, the Cardinals are willing to live by the old “make it to October and see what happens” mantra in 2017.


Oh, and for the record, I have a vote, but so do other people. If you disagree, just know the rankings are the aggregate results, not my sole opinion.

I’ll be making the recaps for the Cardinals, Cubs and White Sox in 2017.

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