Carnival’s Sports Betting Deal Brings New Meaning to Offshore Sportsbook

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The sports betting industry is thriving. According to industry experts, the sports betting market was valued at $76.75 billion in 2021, and the global industry could generate as much as $179.3 billion in revenue per year by 2028. In May of 2022, Americans wagered $125 billion during this month alone. The top online sportsbooks have also made their way to different venues, restaurants, and stadiums, giving fans another way to place their best sports bets. Now, thanks to a new deal struck by Carnival, one of the best sports betting sites will begin to accept bets from cruise ship passengers.

Top Sportsbook to Take Bets on Cruise Ships After Striking Sports Betting Deal

Having the right technology and being in places where the technology works is vital to those who take betting seriously.

For many people involved in the betting industry however, they have tried to stay away from cruise ships because there are various challenges with WIFI and other variables.

Times are changing.

On Friday, there was some exciting news for travelers who also are passionate about gambling on sports. According to reports, passengers on 50 American cruise ships will soon be able to wager on sports with a new relationship between Carnival Corporation and BetMGM.

The sports betting will come in two separate forms. One will be cashed-based betting, and the other is a mobile sportsbook that is sponsored and branded by BetMGM. Soon, passengers can use a mobile App, or a kiosk, which will be made available on the ships.

It should be noted that all international rules will be followed. The gambling offerings will be deactivated when the cruise ship enters a port or region that does not have legalized gambling options.

Princess Cruises Launched Ocean Sportsbook in 2021

Carnival Cruises are trying to follow in the footsteps of Princess Cruises, which announced the launch of Ocean Sportsbook in February of 2021, and first offered sports betting in October.

Through this program, passengers had an opportunity to bet on basketball, hockey, baseball, college football, professional football, and many other events.

Passengers through Princess Cruises could also place prop bets while a live sporting event was taking place.

Offshore Sports Betting Still Tricky in Different Countries 

The entire sports betting industry on cruise ships is made easier by the fact that more countries are legalizing sports betting.

Still, when going on a cruise ship, it is very important to know the sports betting rules of the country you will be traveling to.

Unless you’re wagering with one of the best offshore sportsbooks, the sports betting site that you use to place bets may have certain restrictions when arriving in the jurisdiction of countries that outlaw gambling.

Canada legalized single game betting in August of 2021 for the first time. Legal sportsbooks are now available not just in Canada and the United States, but Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ghana, Great Britain, India, Kenya, Mexico, New Zealand, Nigeria, Peru, Philippines, Russia, and South Africa.

Betting in Europe, meanwhile, has grown substantially since the coronavirus pandemic.

Many European countries have their own different rules and laws, as the European gross gambling revenues increase at a substantial rate.

How Will This Deal Impact Sports Betting in the US?

It will be very interesting to see if Carnival Cruise Ships will see an increase in revenue from passenger sales directly related to providing betting options from MGM.

The deal also marks the continued widespread adoption of sports betting in the US. There are 30 US states with legal betting options with several others expected to legalize online gambling over the next few years.


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