Carolina @ Seattle, NFC Championship

Better clear off your calendar on Sundays deep into January…..and maybe even the first Sunday in February. I witnessed a franchise turning a major corner yesterday in so many ways, I won’t even over-analyze it. There’s plenty of columns out there today, from Thiel to Kelley, that do it justice.

If you saw that game, you know, you KNOW how good the Hawks really are, and what we are in store for the rest of the way. They are the real deal, the absolute real deal, and 12-4, first-round bye, home-field advantage all the way through is looking pretty damn likely. The house was ROCKING yesterday, don’t know if it translated to TV but on 3rd downs, I couldn’t hear my bro-in-law next to me. 90% of the crowd would rise to it’s feet and the thunder just rained down, we’re talking mid-80’s Kingdome LOUD. Ok, so nothing is THAT loud, I mean they invented a rule because John Elway couldn’t hear himself think, but god damn it, it’s FUN to witness a team you love since childhood taking a major step forward! I’m not afraid of saying Super Bowl anymore either, I’m going to enjoy this ride all the way until it’s over, one way or another. I mean why not enjoy it!??

I’m in the Brinkhater camp. Had a good chat with Clint yesterday who filled me in on what a mess UW is. The biggest thing is their O line, but particularly their D-line really sucks, and with our O-line and Jerome? Clint thinks he’ll hit 250 yards. Maybe the best thing for this game is we are coming in 0-7 and VERY desperate/angry, while UW got their losing streak put to bed last week (14 straight crap-10 losses? Last win 2003 AC?? WOW is that bad!). UW celebrated and pranced on local news like they just won the conference! I’m down with 37-27, something in that neighborhood.

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