Celebrity Fan Friday: Anna Horford


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This week’s subject is more than a fan, she’s literally a member of the Celtics family: Anna Horford, sister of Al Horford. She has an entertaining Twitter account (@AnnaHorford) followed by many Celtics fans. We appreciate Anna taking the time to be profiled in Fan Friday. (Interview conducted by KWAPT.)

Anna’s opinion of Celtics fans before Al signed here, and the main differences between Celtics and Hawks fans:

The only thing I had really known about the Celtics’ fan base was that they were loyal and very intense. There are so many die-hard C’s fans all around the world, it’s crazy (I mean, that’s what happens when you’ve got 17 NBA Championships).

I think the main difference between the fans bases is that lot of people are born and raised Celtics fans. Boston is a huge sports city and Atlanta doesn’t have that as much because it’s a major melting pot. People come to ATL from all over the place and many come and go, so there aren’t as many “born and raised” fans.

anna-horfordSeeing Al play in person, and coming to the Garden:

We try to see Al play as much as we can. I live in Michigan, so I go to the Detroit games and I’ll occasionally travel to games that aren’t too far, like Milwaukee. Our dad goes to Cleveland when we play the Cavs and he always asks if I want to go, but I don’t have the best track record with their fans. Twitter may or may not have gotten me into hot water with them, so I always pass on going, lol.

My first time at TD Garden will be in about two weeks. I’ve visited Al in Boston, but on my last trip, he had his concussion so we skipped going to the games. Our sister has been there for a couple of games and she’s loved it. She said the environment was awesome and the fans were really fun.

Memories of growing up with Al:

Growing up with Al was awesome – he’s always been a really good big brother. There are five of us: Al, Jon, me, Maria, and Josh (in that order). Al’s the oldest by about six years, but he always found time to hang out with us when we were younger. We used to have a small baseball diamond in our backyard where we would play with all the neighborhood kids, and Al would be “all-time pitcher.” We are a super-competitive family and there would be a lot of fights, but he was always the mediator because he was the oldest.

We used to go tubing up at our aunt’s cottage in northern Michigan, and when we were getting pulled behind the speed boat, Al used to sing songs with us so we wouldn’t get too scared. We also got kicked out of a hotel room once on Mackinac Island because we were all being too loud. We had a really cool suite with a hot tub on the balcony and we got several noise complaints. But with there being five of us, we didn’t really know how to have fun quietly, so we ended up getting downgraded by the hotel to a one-bedroom suite. My mom wasn’t very happy about it, lol.

Her work and what she is passionate about:

I currently work in wealth management, but I am passionate about creative writing. My brother Jon and I both love to write. He’s been featured in the Huffington Post, as well as a few other sites and blogs, but I’m not quite there yet (unless you count Tweets). I also love using social media as a tool to connect with people from all over the world. It’s been fun speaking with and even meeting some of the people I’ve connected with through Twitter.

Her outspoken Twitter persona, and how she differs from Al:

I was born vocal and opinionated and Twitter has given me a mini platform to vent and share my thoughts and feelings. I’m glad C’s fans can appreciate it! Al knows how I am on Twitter and he’s cool with it, but he is definitely the opposite of me when it comes to loudly airing opinions. Al is a very low-key person and he keeps more to himself. His professionalism is very important to him.

Her sports background:

I played basketball until I blew out my knee when I was really young, but I was never as passionate about it as my brothers were. If I hadn’t gotten injured, I would have probably stuck with it to get a college scholarship, but that’s about the only reason I would have played. Now, I like to play volleyball for fun. It’s something our family plays a lot when we’re together, but it can get scary competitive. Someone always ends up mad in the end, but we get over it fairly quickly. Jon (6’10), Al (6’10), Josh (6’5), and our dad (7’1) always play horse or knockout together, and that gets intense as well.

What she would like Celtics fans to know about the Horfords that they may not already:

horfordshr2People always seem to get confused about the fact that I’m Al’s sister and not his wife, Amelia. I think more people have caught on now, but there’s still confusion from time to time. Also, people might be interested in our other siblings: Jon is currently playing in the NBA D-League for the Canton Charge; Maria is a photographer here in Michigan; and Josh is studying business and playing basketball at Lansing Community College near our hometown of Grand Ledge.

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