Celtic Trade Targets From Every Team (Part 2)

With the trade deadline just over 24 hours away, we’ve already seen big name stars like Demarcus Cousins and Serge Ibaka moved, while rumors for superstars Jimmy Butler and Paul George have begun to gain steam, and the Celtics find themselves in the center of it all.

Every minute I spend on this intro, is another minute closer to a rumor or trade that could potentially render the following writing obsolete. So, the final installment of possible trade scenarios from every team, to hold you over between Twitter rumors/reports.

Here’s ‘Part 1’ of my column from December 14th, in case you missed it.



JaVale McGee

Celtics Acquire: JaVale McGee

Warriors Acquire: 2017 Celtics 2nd round pick (via Los Angeles Clippers), 2019 Celtics 2nd round pick (via Detroit), 

Trade Machine Results: Boston (no change) | Golden State ( -7 wins)

It’s 2016, and JaVale McGee is in his 8th year, and will turn 29 in January.

It’s hard to believe McGee is already nearing his 30s, because he seems perpetually young, and at the same time, it seems we’ve been waiting for him to “get it” for what feels like a lifetime. He appears to have the physical tools to be an elite-level rim-protector, but as well know, looks can be deceiving.

If the Celtics could find someone to help with their rebounding woes, while offering some kind of rim intimidation, they may just be able to secure a spot in the Eastern Conference Finals. While JaVale McGee is by no means the answer long-term, relative to the cost of actually acquiring him, it may be a worthy gamble. After all, Brad Stevens has been able to squeeze almost every drop of potential out of players like Jordan Crawford and Evan Turner, and maybe McGee would finally be willing to give into concept of “team” over “self”, especially after his tenure with the current Golden State Warriors.

Golden State’s angle here is two-fold: With the amount of dollars they need to keep committed to their big four (Curry, Durant, Draymond, and Klay), they’re best path to building a good bench is through the draft, via low-salaried contracts. This move also opens up a roster spot for a buyout candidate from an opposing team looking to join a contender for the stretch run.

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Trevor Ariza

Celtics Acquire: Trevor Ariza

Rockets Acquire: Tyler Zeller, 2017 Celtics 2nd round pick (via Minnesota Timberwolves)

Trade Machine Results: (+1 win) | Houston (-1 wins)

This is a trade that would instantly infuse the Boston bench with their featured bench player. Ariza would become the ultimate utility player for the Celtics playoff run, while becoming an unquestionable role-model for Jaylen Brown to try and pattern his game after.

Tyler Zeller has found himself out of the Boston rotation, so his loss wouldn’t ultimately be too much of a concern. Surrendering the Minnesota pick, which should fall in the early part of the second-round might sting, but the Celtics only have so many roster spots available, and one is already designated for the player taken with the Brooklyn pick.

Houston would essentially be obtaining Clint Capela insurance, as he has missed a chunk of the season already, and they may want to tread cautiously with a minutes restriction upon his return to insure they’ll have his services in the postseason.

The Minnesota pick makes this an easier pill to swallow for Darryl Morey, knowing that he could ultimately use that pick in a trade-package for an impact player.

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Celtics Acquire: Paul George

Pacers Acquire: Avery Bradley, Jae Crowder, 2018 Celtics 1st round pick (Top 1 protected)(via Brooklyn)

Trade Machine Results: Boston (+1 wins) | Indiana ( -1 wins)

There’s an alternate universe where Larry Bird recognizes that the league is extremely top-heavy, and the road to true title contention might need to wait until Golden State and Cleveland are through with their respective title runs. Larry Bird has never shied from the Big Moment, and if he decides the Pacers best course of action is to re-adjust and target building a team that would be closer to contention, in say, five years, then the Celtics should be the team he calls first.

Paul George is a legitimate superstar, arguably the second best player in the Eastern Conference, who is now entering his absolute prime. He is the type of franchise cornerstone Ainge envisioned trading for using those Brooklyn picks, and if he becomes available, expect Ainge to be chomping at the bit.

Boston would have to offer a boatload, in two starting-caliber, All-Star-lite players in Avery Bradley and Jae Crowder. It would be difficult to lose those two pieces. But in the larger view, it’s easier to find suitable replacements for them than it is to find yourself in a position to acquire a talent like Paul George.

The negotiating between Ainge and Bird would ultimately come down to which Brooklyn pick the Celtics would surrender. Ainge would push for including the 2018, while Bird would likely demand the 2017, if not both.

If the asking price is indeed both, then Boston would likely remove one of Bradley/Crowder from the trade and throw in either Amir Johnson or Zeller for salary-matching purposes.

This is truly a confounding scenario for Celtics fans, and an interesting one to consider:

What’s more valuable: The unknown potential of what those Brooklyn picks could become, or the known quantity of having a true superstar in hand, today, to team with Horford and Thomas?

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Celtics Acquire: Paul Pierce

Clippers Acquire: Gerald Green, James Young

Trade Machine Results: Boston (-3 wins) | Los Angeles (no change)

This is much more a sentimental trade idea, because I personally don’t think Doc Rivers has the testicular fortitude to trade any of the Clippers coveted players (Blake, DeAndre, CP3, Reddick), and don’t believe that Steve Ballmer is ready to gamble with his $2 billion dollar investment.

If this truly IS Paul Pierce’s farewell tour, what better way to come full circle than in Celtic green, providing veteran leadership for the franchise he carried for nearly 15 years?

The idea of seeing Pierce check-in to a playoff game and hitting a couple of shots is the ideal way to send Pierce off in style, and helps the Celtics clear some roster space in the process.

The trade also allows the Clippers to acquire a player in Green that Doc is familiar with, that could actually win them a playoff game with his instant-offense tendency (which is why Boston might not want to give him up, ultimately)

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Celtics Acquire: Lou Williams

Lakers Acquire: Tyler Zeller, 2017 Celtics 2nd round pick (via Minnesota Timberwolves)

Trade Machine Results: Boston (+9 wins) | Los Angeles ( -3 wins)

Now that both Kobe and Byron Scott are long gone, Laker Nation can (and should) embrace a full rebuild. The Laker’s have a glut of wings that are hindering the development of 3 of their 4 most important players moving forward (Ingram, Russell, Clarkson), and this move eases a bit the positional congestion while netting them another draft pick, and young prospect.

Zeller may not be a high-upside player, but he is solid, and could flourish in Luke Walton’s rotation, and provide some Center-position insurance in the event Mozgov goes down with injury.

The true asset here, though is obtaining the second round Minnesota pick, which should fall in the front-end of the second round. Draft picks are more valuable than ever, with the new CBA incentivizing re-signing with draft teams over leaving in free agency.

From Boston’s side of things, Lou Would instantly become the offensive center of their bench universe. With the new cap, his $7 mil contract is tolerable, especially for a team with lofty playoff goals for the foreseeable future. (Also, if need to be to open cap space, Williams would be easy to move).



Celtics Acquire: No one

Grizzlies Acquire: No one

Trade Machine Results: None

After careful deliberation, there just doesn’t seem to be a workable trade between the two teams. Grizzlies aren’t parting with Mike Conley or Marc Gasol, and the Celtics won’t give up anything of value for their borderline role players.

We’ll move on. (But really, it’d be awesome if Boston somehow landed Gasol, although his injury history might be scary enough to keep Boston away.)



Celtic Trade Targets From Every Team (Part 2)

Celtics Acquire: Hassan Whiteside

Heat Acquire: Kelly Olynyk, Terry Rozier, Jordan Mickey, Amir Johnson, 2018 Celtics 1st round pick (Boston’s own, non-Brooklyn pick)

Trade Machine Results: Boston (+4 wins) | Miami ( -4 wins)

Pat Riley did the most inexplicable, anti-Riley thing he have done—he told fan’s that the Heat were going to go through a quick rebuild (AKA tank).

It’s been long known in NBA circles that the Miami Heat do not view Hassan Whiteside as a long-term, franchise player. He isn’t a “Heat-type” of guy (in the pedigree of an Alonzo Mourning, Dwyane Wade, or, to a lesser extent, even Shaquille O’Neal), and it’s easy to see why.

In short, he’s a knuckle-headed stat-chaser.

But those stats that he chases are EXACTLY what the Celtics are lacking: rebounding and blocks.

It’s easy to see why Boston makes this move. They fill the most obvious void on the roster without sacrificing a top tier contributor. Losing Olynyk is tough, but it also eliminates the need for Boston to match what could be a near max deal. In turn, it would eliminate a little bit of their uncertainty.

Losing Rozier would also be a hard pill to swallow, because he’s still yet to play consistent, extended minutes. He has an immense amount of talent, but Boston’s backcourt depth makes it nearly impossible for him to find any court time. His departure would also signal the need for the Celtics to re-sign Marcus Smart, whose defensive prowess would titanically harder to replace than anything Rozier is currently contributing.

Jordan Mickey is a young player with plenty of potential to develop into a rim-running big man, and would get to see a lot of playing time on a team determined to tank to the top of the lottery.

The Celtics would sweeten the pot by offering up their own 2018 first round pick, which would probably ultimately fall in the 22-30 range. The Celtics have much more valuable picks in their war chest, and off-loading a lower end first for player that could conceivably lead the league in both rebounding AND blocks shouldn’t be a deal-breaker.

Personally, I’ve never been a fan of Whiteside’s, and think he is a candidate to become complacent with his big-money deal and eventually fall off, effort-wise (a la Andrew Bynum, Shawn Kemp, etc).

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John Henson

Celtics Acquire: John Henson

Bucks Acquire: Terry Rozier, Amir Johnson, 2018 Celtics 1st round pick (Boston’s own, non-Brooklyn pick)

Trade Machine Results: Boston (zero change) | Milwaukee (zero change)

John Henson has been flying under the radar for most of his career, minus the seasonal breakout stretch of eye-popping rebounding and block numbers. He could slide right in seamlessly next to Horford and improve the Celtics rebounding/block stats immediately. He’s signed for 4 years/ $12.5 mil a year, meaning he could be a long-term solution at the 5.

Giving up Terry Rozier hurts, because he shows progress every time he sees extended minutes, but Henson ultimately fits a greater need at the moment, and could really help lift the Celtics out of their rebounding/defensive slump and round out their starting lineup for the foreseeable future.

Amir is included for salary-matching purposes, and the pick sweetens the Bucks haul, which Boston doesn’t mind including, as they have far more valuable draft picks to utilize.

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Minnesota Timberwolves v Houston Rockets

Celtics Acquire: Andrew Wiggins, Gorgui Dieng

Timberwolves Acquire: Jae Crowder, Avery Bradley (2018 Brooklyn 1st Round Pick)

Trade Machine Results: Boston (-1 wins) | Minnesota (-1 wins)

The likelihood of the Wolves moving Wiggins seems like a longshot……until you realize that Thibodeau still thinks they could reach the playoffs. The logic behind that thinking means that Thibs is ready to push his team more towards winning, now, than say developing the youth for a longer rebuild.

Thibodeau has expressed his desire to get a veteran or two to help this team chock full of young and inexperienced, albeit talented players take the next step. Although he has been linked to Jimmy Butler, it’s still unclear whether or not the Bulls are ready to move their franchise player.

Being the President of Basketball Operations as well as the head coach, perhaps Thibs would see more value in adding borderline All-Star depth instead of a singular talent, and Bradley and Crowder would fit seamlessly next to Karl Anthony Towns, and help propel them into the conversation for the 8th seed.

Moving Wiggins would be huge move, with perhaps long term ramifications if he continues to ascend towards superstardom. But netting two proven, quality young vets in Crowder and Bradley, both locked up (AB to 2 yrs, JC to 4 years), could be tough for the hard-nosed coach to pass up. Adding the 2018 Brooklyn pick would give Minnesota another asset to either use in the draft, or to move for more roster help.

From Boston’s angle, they would be getting a superior prospect to pair with Jaylen Brown, and whomever they draft using the 2017 Brooklyn pick. This move would also extend Boston’s rebuilding timeline, which could payoff in the end. Gorgui Dieng would split time with Horford at the PF/C position, perhaps ultimately replacing him when Big Al’s playing days are over..The team would be peaking right when Cleveland’s run should be coming to a close.

Projected lineup: Isaiah Thomas, Markelle Fultz, Jaylen Brown, Andrew Wiggins, Gorgui Dieng.

It’s be a big move, and gamble for sure. I personally find Andrew Wiggins’ upside to be extremely tantalizing. But I think, ultimately Danny might find this deal too rich for his blood.

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New Orleans Pelicans v San Antonio Spurs

Celtics Acquire: Anthony Davis, Omer Asik

Pelicans Acquire: Jaylen Brown, Terry Rozier, Amir Johnson, Tyler Zeller, 2017 Brooklyn 1st Round Pick, 2018 Brooklyn First Round Pick

Trade Machine Results: Boston (+11 wins) | Minnesota (-17 wins)

The mother of all potential trade partners.

The Pelicans have absolutely no incentive to trade Davis. He’s entering the first year of a newly signed extension, and he’s given every indication that he plans to resign when the current deal expires.

BUT, if for some reason New Orleans decides to reset, clear the roster’s financial obligations, and do a full, ground-up rebuild, then this is the trade they should consider.

First, they’d clear the Davis and Asik contracts from the books (nearly $200 million). Second;y, they’d receive 2 top prospects that have shown nothing but progress during their short time in the league. Jaylen Brown’s potential is through the roof right now, some seeing a Paul George 2.0 in him. Terry Rozier is solid player at this stage, and could continue to develop into a starting-caliber two-guard.

Then there are the 2 non-protected Brooklyn picks, which should yield 2 more top prospects. Plus, New Orleans has their own first rounders going forward, and this trade trade will make them much worse in the short term, making those picks very high, and very valuable.

Johnson and Zeller are included strictly for salary-matching purposes.

I could use this space to explain why Danny Ainge would do this trade, and how good of player Anthony Davis is, and how much he would benefit from playing for a stable franchise, with a long history of winning.

But that would be a waste of time.

You already know.

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Los Angeles Clippers v Miami Heat

Celtics Acquire: Blake Griffin

Knicks Acquire: Jae Crowder, Austin Rivers, Amir Johnson

Clippers Acquire: Carmelo Anthony, Tyler Zeller

Trade Machine Results: Boston (+4 wins) | New York (-4 wins) | Los Angeles (-2 wins)

Once the Knicks began “Knicksing” again, and Phil Jackson strangely decided to publicly trash his star player, that he himself re-signed, with a no-trade clause mind you, an exit from The Big Apple seemed ripe in Melo’s future. (pun INTENDED)

When news broke that Phil was heavily considering trading Melo to the Clippers for a combination of role players such as Austin Rivers, Jamal Crawford, and/or J.J. Redick, half the league’s GM’s ear perked up.

“Surely we can trump THIS offer for Carmelo Anthony”.

Unfortunately, that no-trade clause doesn’t make this easy for teams not named the Clippers or Cavaliers.

So maybe adding a third team to help facilitate moving Melo to Los Angeles is the Knicks best bet to net them something beyond old, past-prime players like Crawford or even Reddick.

(Tangent: I still think Reddick is lowkey valuable, and can see him carving out a Manu Ginobli-like role on the right team for the twilight years of his career. Don’t sleep on him)

The Clippers are in a major rut. This core of CP3, Griffin, Jordan, and to a lesser extent Redick and Crawford have gone about as far as a core can go. The fact that both Chris Paul and Blake Griffin enter unrestricted free agency this summer makes matters a bit more murky for the franchise moving forward.

The Clippers have been know to go stretches without either Chris Paul or Blake Griffin available, but have been demonstratively better without Blake than without CP3. The off-court incident with Griffin punching that equipment manager is a black eye on his resume, and perhaps the Clippers may think that may be enough to cause Blake to seek greener pastures and fresh start somewhere else.

I could also imagine him relishing the opportunity to escape the constant jawing from Chris Paul.

The Clippers and Doc Rivers could save themselves the embarrassment and monumental blow of Griffin walking in free agency without any return by swapping him for Carmelo, signed through 2019.

The Knicks would begin to surround to Kristaps Porzingis with quality pieces, that fit more in line with his career timeline. Phil Jackson has been repeatedly reported as having expressed a desire to obtain Jae Crowder, and this would be a major coup for a team devoid of youthful talent, outside of The Zinger.

Austin Rivers would supply New York with Derrick Rose’s replacement, and would be nice fit in MSG alongside Courtney Lee in the backcourt. It would also make Roses immediately expendable, which Phil would be wise to do, and net himself either another young prospect, or draft pick, for the rebuild.

Boston would finally get it’s undeniable, big name superstar, without sacrificing any Brooklyn picks. Of course, this trade would probably hinge on whether-or-not Boston had the impression that Blake was open to resigning with the team. This would be a huge win for the Celtics.

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Celtics Acquire: No one

Thunder Acquire: No one

Trade Machine Results: None

Just as with Memphis, there just doesn’t seem to be a workable trade between the two teams. Thunder aren’t parting with Westbrook and the Celtics won’t give up anything of value for their role players. The only player of true interest would Steven Adams, but with his Poison Pill Provision contract, there wasn’t a workable deal to made, according to the ESPN Trade Machine.

We’ll move on. (But really, it’d be awesome if Boston somehow landed Steven Adams. He’d be a great fit on Boston, and is on a similar career timeline with the rest of their roster.)



Orlando Magic v Denver Nuggets

Celtics Acquire: Nikola Vucevic

Magic Acquire: Terry Rozier, Tyler Zeller, 2018 Celtics 1st Round Pick (Non-Brooklyn)

Trade Machine Results: Boston (+5 wins) | Orlando (-5 wins)

Eventually, the Magic are going to wake up one day and realize they traded away all their youth and potential for multiple, ill-fitting band-aids.

In the last 2 years, they’ve traded, no “given” away players like Tobias Harris and Victor Oladipo. They brought in older veterans like Brandon Jennings, DJ Augustin, and Jeff Green. They stunted the growth of Aaron Gordon by signing Bismack Biyombo and trading for Serge Ibaka.

These are all desperation moves by the front office to try and make the postseason, to save their jobs. Unfortunately, it’s not going to work, and they’ll need to hit a soft reset and build around Gordon, Elfrid Payton, Evan Fournier, and perhaps Mario Hezonja (who is still a relative unknown due to inconsistent minutes).

Vucevic would gives the Celtics a big body that is capable of grabbing rebounds, and has a better-than-advertised offensive game. It’d be easy to see him slide into the starting center spot, alongside Horford at the four. Although not a traditional rim-protector, which is what everyone seems to be clamoring for, Vucevic would check all the other boxes. And at only 26, and signed to a below market deal (roughly $12mil a season) through 2019, he’s a young veteran that could grow with the nucleus currently in place.

It might not be the sexy, big name target most people are expecting, but the Celtics seem to do best when acquiring under-the-radar talent while holding tight to their best assets.

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Philadelphia 76ers v Boston Celtics

Celtics Acquire: Nerlens Noel

76ers Acquire: Jordan Mickey, Demetrius Jackson, James Young

Trade Machine Results: Boston (no change) | Philadelphia (no change)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, everyone knows Philadelphia has a bigman problem. Joel Embiid has turned out to be the real deal, making their other two bigman lotto picks expendable.

While it’s true that Noel seems to be the better player, and fit next to Embiid, making Okafor the likelier one to be moved, that wouldn’t be in the Sixers best interest.

Noel is entering restricted free agency this summer, and expected to garner a big payday. Philly probably won’t be interested in signing a backup (to Embiid, Simmons, and Saric) to a huge payday. But letting him walk for nothing isn’t good asset management either.

They can afford to be a little patient with the Okafor offers as he’s still on his rookie deal for a couple of years. But they virtually need to trade Noel before Thursday’s deadline to extract any value from that asset.

Jordan Mickey could potentially develop into what Noel currently is, and might be worth a gamble by the Sixers. At the very least, they’d receive another asset.

Their glut of big men has also highlighted their barren backcourt. Demetrius Jackson is a high-upside point guard that could conceivably prosper into a major contributor for the young, rebuilding Sixers. On the Celtics, he’s expendable due to the presence of Thomas, Smart, Bradley and Rozier.

Maybe James Young needs a change of scenery, and Philadelphia could give him some burn and see if they can extract the potential the Celtics saw in him when they drafted him 17th overall in 2014.

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Alex Len

Celtics Acquire: Alex Len, PJ Tucker

Suns Acquire: Amir Johnson, James Young, 2017 Celtics 2nd Round Pick (Via-Minnesota)

Trade Machine Results: Boston (-3 wins) | Phoenix (-3 wins)

The Suns are basically in the same situation with Alex Len as the Sixers are with Noel. Len is entering restricted free agency and might sign an offer sheet that Phoenix may not want to match.

PJ Tucker is a solid veteran that belongs on a contender, not a rebuilding team, and is as good as gone this summer when he becomes an unrestricted free agency. He’ll be in high demand with teams like the Cavs, Raptors, Wizards, and Jazz.

Phoenix should cut bait early and get something in return, and high second round pick for two players that will most likely be gone within 6 months is a good return. Phoenix is clearly rebuilding, and has finally found some good, high-potential prospects, and should continue to add to them until further notice.

Alex Len has the potential to be a starting-caliber center in the NBA. When given the minutes, he has exhibited an offensive game, and the ability to give a crap on defense. Unfortunately, the signing of Tyson Chandler has seriously stunted his growth, and he might be able to be had for relatively cheaply.

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Celtics Acquire: Ed Davis

Trailblazers Acquire: Jonas Jerebko

Trade Machine Results: Boston (no change) | Portland (-10 wins)

This is a pretty low key move for both teams: Boston gets a bit of size for rebounding purposes,as well as another below market value contract.

For the Blazers, they get a player on an expiring deal, which helps them shed the last year of Davis’ contract. Right now Portland has the 3rd highest payroll and are virtually a lock to miss the playoffs.

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Celtics Acquire: Willie Cauley-Stein

Kings Acquire: Jordan Mickey, James Young, 2018 Celtics 1st Round Pick (Non-Brooklyn)

Trade Machine Results: Boston (no change) | Sacramento (-4 wins)

So……it looks like the Kings are having a fire sale with every intention of getting into the top ten, and starting a legitimate, ground-up rebuild. Convention would tell you that WCS should fit the new timeline for Sacramento, and shouldn’t be moved.

But these are the Kings here.

Sacramento would gain another 1st round pick, as well as a WCS-lite in Jordan Mickey. And who knows? Maybe Vivek Ranadive sees James Young as a CJ McCollum-type.

Boston would get one of the players they had eyed going into the 2015 Draft Lottery. A young, lean, athletic rim-running gazelle that would fit perfectly next to Horford in the starting 5. Cauley-Stein’s ceiling should be an in-his-prime Tyson Chandler, but we all know there’s no way he reaches that potential in Sac-Town.

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Celtics Acquire: No one

Spurs Acquire: No one

Trade Machine Results: None

The trade negotiations would be the conference call equivalent of a staring contest.








Danny Ainge: “Kaw—

Popovich: “FUCK YOU!”


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Celtics Acquire: No one

Raptors Acquire: No one

Trade Machine Results: None

Right now, these two teams are sworn enemies, sniping each other back and forth in the media. Neither has any incentive to possibly lose a trade to the other, as they will most likely meet in Playoffs. These two teams will not be trading with each other.

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Celtic Trade Targets From Every Team (Part 2)

Celtics Acquire: Derrick Favors

Jazz Acquire: Amir Johnson, 2018 Celtics 1st Round Pick (Non-Brooklyn)

Trade Machine Results: Boston (no change) | Utah (-3 wins)

Rumblings have begun that the Jazz are gauging interest on Favors leading up to the trade deadline. This is all about Utah retaining Gordon Hayward this summer. By making this swap, the Jazz clear Favors off their books in time to make room for Hayward’s upcoming max offer.

Although he’s fallen a bit out of……….. Favor in Utah, he’s still only 25.


He’s also signed to a below market contract, which has become a prerequisite for any trade involving Danny Ainge. And although he’s been battling a few injuries this year and has seen his playing dwindle to just 23 minutes a game, the 3 prior years he averaged 15 points and 8 boards a game, with over 1.5 blocks. This could be a great “buy-low” opportunity.

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Celtics Acquire: No one

Wizards Acquire: No one

Trade Machine Results: None

I hate to end on this note, but just like Toronto, Washington is a rival of the Celtics today, and for the foreseeable future. In addition, outside of their starting 5, Washington is extremely thin on talent, and there doesn’t seem to even be a worthwhile trade target. Wall, Beal, and Porter are untouchable (at least it seems that way), and the Celtics would have little interest in Markieff Morris and Marcin Gortat, relative to their cost.

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In conclusion, I’d like to express that personally, I’d like to see the Celtics either make smaller moves, such as obtaining Robin Lopez or Kenneth Faried, or standing pat and using their draft picks themselves.

I know it may be an unpopular opinion, but I’d prefer to watch a team grow and develop together, and have the opportunity for sustained success over the long haul. If they simply stay the course, and make small moves every year to get incrementally better, while using the Brooklyn picks, the Celtics would peak when LeBron’s Cavs are no longer a powerhouse in the East, and Warriors might be dismantled by then in the West.

With that said, I fully trust in the Celtics front office. If they passed on Cousins, I trust their thinking. If they pass on Drummond and pursue Paul George, I trust their judgement.

I mean, why wouldn’t I? Look how far they’ve gotten the Celtics already.

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