Celtics Considering Playing An Outdoor Game at Fenway Park

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Outdoor Basketball? It may be happening as Celtics president Rich Gotham told The Boston Globe on Monday that he has talked about the possibility of playing a basketball on Fenway Park with Red Sox President Sam Kennedy.

Fenway has hosted its fair share of non baseball games as they have hosted the Winter Classic and a Football game between Boston College and Notre Dame earlier this season. It’s no surprise to me that this is a possibility. Fenway Football

Rich Gotham told the Boston Globe “I think if you can find a way to sort of differentiate the game and make it fun for fans, that’s a great thing. And the Winter Classic certainly does that”

The one problem I am finding with this event is it will be cold. The NBA season does not open up until around Halloween. So unless this is a preseason game it will most likely be cold. For this to work it has to be a regular season game, people are not going to pay big bucks to sit a mile away from the court to watch a preseason game. frozen-fenway

Another Problem I found with this is the seating, I was fortunate enough to attend Frozen Fenway and you could not see from half of the seats. Right field standing room had the best view. A basketball court is even smaller, so this could cause a problem with unhappy fans who are not going to be able to see the game.

Am I a fan of this, yes, I think it should happen and I would try to attend it. But I think they have to think very carefully about how they want to do it.

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