Jared Cowen Autographed T-Shirt Contest Challenge Update

We’ve had a number of emails and Tweets asking if we would reward fans who wanted to do Options 1 and 2 of today’s challenge in the Jared Cowen autographed Spokane Chiefs jersey t-shirt.

To clarify. Yes, you can do both options and we will reward you with a point for each successive option. All I ask is that you email the website with the URL of the message board thread or link if you choose to do option 2.

Again, here are the options available to you readers:

Option 1:
1) Create a Twitter account.
2) Once you have created your account, follow us on Twitter by going to The 6th Sens Twitter page and clicking on the follow button. (If you already have a Twitter account and are following this site’s Twitter, proceed to step 3.)
3) Send us a Tweet (message) saying something about the jersey contest. Include your first name and last initial so that I can keep a tally of your points.
Option 2:
1) If you’re a member of any Hockey related messageboard, post a thread or a message on that board and plug this contest.

2) Once this has been done, send us the link to the post/thread in an email. You can email us at the6thsens at live dot com.


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