Charles Schwab Challenge: Public Betting Heavy on Fan Favorite Michael Block

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From teaching lessons at the Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club to gaining major attention in the world of professional golf, Michael Block is proof that perseverance and hard work can make dreams come true. His incredible performance at the PGA Championship, a showcase where he placed 15th and pocketed almost four times his usual paycheck, catapulted him into the limelight. Block, a charming, 46-year-old club pro, now takes the stage at the Charles Schwab Challenge, an event where he’s become the betting favorite with the public.

Block Third-Highest Outright Liability for BetMGM at Charles Schwab

Michael Block defied the odds at the PGA Championship, and he will try to do so again as he has become the third-highest liability for betting giant BetMGM at the iconic Colonial. He trails only Viktor Hovland and Jordan Spieth in terms of outright liabilities at most of our top sportsbooks. At MGMBet, he boasts a substantial 3.1% of all win tickets and 1.8% of the overall handle.

Now, that’s not something to sniff at, especially considering his whopping 300/1 odds. A thrilling turn of events for someone who charges $150 for an hour-long lesson back in California.

Block’s journey is an embodiment of the quintessential Cinderella story. His stellar run at the PGA Championship didn’t just earn him a hearty paycheck and public admiration; it also earned him an invite to the Charles Schwab Challenge. It’s a gesture Block received with humor, suggesting that the Colonial is a place that “sets up good for an old pro like me.”

Charismatic Public Favorite

Block’s charisma, complemented by his sublime performance, has attracted the attention of golf enthusiasts and media alike. Cameras have repeatedly sought him out for interviews, capturing his infectious energy during walk-and-talk sessions.

Perhaps the most heart-rending moment was when Block, after learning he was leading Masters champion Jon Rahm, shed tears of joy in a press conference. An authentic reaction that has charmed his rapidly growing fan base.

Currently, Block steps into the Charles Schwab Challenge with odds at +275 to make the cut. Despite being a long shot at 300/1 to win the tournament, his recent performance at the PGA Championship provides ample evidence of his capability to beat the odds. Regardless of the result, the challenge serves as another stepping stone in Block’s extraordinary journey in professional golf.

This California club pro has not just made a mark in a major PGA event but has also sealed a spot in next year’s PGA Championship at Valhalla Golf Club. Block’s unexpected success is a reminder to never underestimate an underdog. His inspiring journey from $150 lessons to making the cut in top tournaments paints a powerful picture.

As we wait in anticipation for the upcoming challenge, it’s clear that the “Block Party” has only just begun. The public is betting heavily on this Cinderella story to continue, turning this humble club professional into a sensation. The world will be watching as Block tees off at the Charles Schwab Challenge, ready to make his mark once again.

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