Chicago White Sox Are the New Lovable Losers

My new favorite team is the Chicago White Sox.

I’ve adopted the White Sox out of spite. I’ve adopted them out of spite because the Chicago Cubs ruined everything by winning the 2016 World Series.

The Cubs were lovable losers. Even though they hadn’t won a World Series since 1908, there was a joy and a frivolity surrounding the franchise.

They were the one team anyone could cheer on to victory. Who was going to give you crap about rooting for a team that hadn’t won a World Series since Theodore Roosevelt was president?

By winning the World Series the Cubs threw it all away. They are no longer losers and that means they are no longer lovable.

Sure, they still have Wrigley Field to love, but their ownership, general manager, and manager are easy to hate.

Their fans are easy to hate too.

Enough already. Your team won the World Series. We get it.

Before 2016, the Cubs, and their fans, were special; they were unique. Now, they are just like every other team.

I said all season long, the second after the Cubs win the World Series they’ll go from the most beloved franchise to the most hated.

I was right, but they are still loved in Chicago as well as by celebrities, the media, and bandwagon fans across the nation.

Since these groups are so smitten by the Cubs, I’m adopting the poor, old, forgotten White Sox as my favorite team. Furthermore, I’m pushing them as the new lovable losers.

Why the White Sox? Historically, they’ve been a very unpopular MLB franchise. Who doesn’t remember the Black Sox Scandal of 1919?

Even though ESPN forgot all about it, the White Sox did win the 2005 World Series? They’ve only been losers for 12 years.

The Cleveland Indians, the team the Cubs defeated to become champs, currently hold the longest World Series drought. They last won a title in 1948 or 68 seasons.

The next longest World Series drought is owned by the Pittsburgh Pirates. Their last championship came in 1979.

I’ve always appreciated the length of “never.” Eight teams have never won a World Series: Texas Rangers, Houston Astros, Milwaukee Brewers, San Diego Padres, Washington Nationals, Seattle Mariners, Colorado Rockies, and Tampa Bay Rays.

With the exception of the Rockies and Rays, all those franchises are at least 40 years old. That means they’ve gone at least four decades, the Texas teams have gone more than five decades, without winning a World Series title.

Shouldn’t one of those teams be the new lovable losers?

Perhaps, but going with the White Sox, a team in the same city as the Cubs, allows us to give a little dig to those smug North Siders. Granted, not as big of a dig as winning the World Series, but a dig nonetheless.

Let’s not forget that while the Cubs had the longest World Series drought of all-time, 107 seasons, the White Sox were second with 87. That was longer than the Boston Red Sox’s drought. It was a paltry 85 seasons.

To put it another way, the White Sox have won one World Series title in 100 years. That’s a lot of losing.

What about the White Sox chances in 2017?

Good news, they will be abysmal. Look for the Pale Hose to finish last in the Central Division. Many are predicting around 75 wins, that is if all goes well.

The team is rebuilding and they are still in the tear down process. Expect any veteran that has any worth to be traded.

The White Sox are a 200 to 1 longshot to win this year’s World Series. The Cubs are 7 to 2.

The good news is many insiders believe the White Sox had the best offseason in baseball. They traded older players for a bunch of impressive prospects. The White Sox could be the team to beat in the 2120s.

The White Sox open the 2017 season on April 3 against the Detroit Tigers at Guaranteed Rate Field (yuck, we’ve got to do something about that name). If he’s still with the team, expect Jose Quintana to start.

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