Chris Jericho Reveals Original Plans For His ‘All In’ Appearance

Chris Jericho ALL IN

Chris Jericho continued to show the pro wrestling community his creative mind by appearing at the All In event on September 1 in Chicago. After Kenny Omega was able to defeat Penta 0M, the lights went out and the commentators were wondering what was going on.

All of a sudden, the lights come back on, and “Penta” is still laying on the ground. However, Omega was attacked, and the person unmasked to be Chris Jericho. During his latest Talk is Jericho podcast, Jericho explained his original plans for All In, as well as being able to still make his scheduled Fozzy concert over 500 miles away the same night.

Jericho explained that he talked to Cody Rhodes months before All In, but he still had the mindset of being loyal to WWE while inside the United States. However, understanding the current phenomenon of wrestling outside of WWE, he said that he would consider, “but the idea has to be right.”

Cody called Jericho again and pitched the idea of him being Bernard the Bear in the main event, coming down with the Young Bucks and eventually attacking Kota Ibushi. Jericho wanted to attack Omega himself, so he declined the pitch. Refusing to give up on bringing Jericho to All In, Cody called Jericho again, and Jericho started to think about how an appearance in Chicago would work.

“We started kicking around ideas, and the idea was what if I could come in earlier in the show and attack Kenny [Omega] because that’s the idea of kind of keeping this angle alive from the Tokyo Dome to the cruise and maybe, you know, elsewhere, and I just thought what a great way to kind of last-minute promotion for the cruise.”

Initially, Jericho thought about going to the Fozzy concert first, then flying to Chicago for All In. However, due to time conflicts, the plan was changed to Jericho appearing earlier in the night. The show was then moved to later, and Jericho suggested to Cody that Omega competes against Penta 0M. The initial idea was for the lights to go out and Jericho attack Omega, but Nick Jackson wanted to add more to the surprise.

“Cody said, I love it, but Nick Jackson had the idea of why lights go out, lights go on, Penta is still in the ring, Penta attacks Omega and unmasks, and you’re Penta. And I was like, that’s amazing. It was even better.”

Jericho compared this to when he was Bushi in New Japan before attacking Tetsuya Naito and Sin Cara before attacking Seth Rollins in WWE. He is scheduled to compete against Omega in an Alpha Club vs. Bullet Club tag team match at the Jericho cruise scheduled for the end of October.

If any portion of these quotes is used, please be sure to credit Talk is Jericho with a h/t to The Floor Seat for the transcription. 


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