CJ McCollum Knows Who To Blame For NBA’s Wild West Trade Deadline Shootout: Ja Morant

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Thank you, Ja Morant.

That’s the gratitude New Orleans Pelicans guard CJ McCollum showed to the Memphis Grizzlies’ playmaker.

Following the NBA’s wild trade deadline out West, McCollum on Thursday delivered a blame tweet targeting Morant.

Appreciate it, bud.

NBA Trade Deadline Features Frenzy Out West


In a matter of moments, the NBA’s landscape shifted dramatically.

  • Kevin Durant to the rising Phoenix Suns.
  • D’Angelo Russell to the sluggish Los Angeles Lakers.
  • Kyrie Irving to the resurgent Dallas Mavericks.

Three blockbuster deals were announced prior to Thursday’s NBA trade deadline. McCollum responded to the Western Conference’s improved star power by digitally pointing his finger at Morant.

According to McCollum, the trade frenzy was ignited, in part, because Morant confidently answered a Christmas day question by ESPN’s Malika Andrews, who inquired if there were any conference obstacles blocking the Grizzlies’ path to the NBA Finals.

Instinctively, Morant made his verbal move in one fluid motion.


“No one in the West?” Andrews wondered.

“Nah,” Morant replied, doubling down. “I’m fine with the West.”

Fine, huh?

CJ McCollum blames Ja Morant for improved West

Well, when Morant made the boast, the Grizzlies shared the conference’s best mark at 19-11. Since his Christmas remarks, however, Morant and co. entered Thursday 4.5 games behind the Denver Nuggets.

And now Durant gives the Suns an all-world starting unit, Russell hands LeBron James a more qualified running partner and Irving will team up with Luka Doncic to make the Mavericks a guard-heavy matchup.

Good luck, McCollum.

And the remainder of the Western Conference clubs.

Before the deadline, the Minnesota Timberwolves, Utah Jazz, Houston Rockets, Golden State Warriors, Los Angles Clippers, and Nuggets were among the potential conference contenders who made moves to fortify their postseason opportunities.

Thank you, Morant.

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