CK Poll: Ben McLemore or Marco Belinelli?


Put on your General Manager hats on because we want to hear your opinions. The shooting guard position is a major concern on this team and we want to know if you were Vlade Divac, and you had to trade either of these two players to improve the overall roster, who would you trade: Ben McLemore or Marco Belinelli? The return value would be the same deal.

// Don’t just vote for the name! We want your best analysis on why you went with either player. The best answer will get featured on the CK Podcast.

Player averages for the 2015-16 season:

McLemore: 7.8 PPG; 42.9 FG%; 36.2 3P%; 71.8 FT%

Belinelli: 10.2 PPG; 38.6 FG%; 30.6 3P%; 83.3 FT%

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*This question is simply a hypothetical for fun!

If you haven’t listened to the latest CK podcast, you should because it will give you a better understanding of this years international NBA prospects and the reason behind Marco Belinelli signing with the Sacramento Kings.

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