Clement Beaned, Local Boy Makes Good

Hey! Checking in after my trip to Montreal which was a lot of fun. So I get to a computer today and Matt Clement was hit in the head with a fastball, not pretty. The latest reports are that he does not have a fracture, but is being kept overnight for observations and might have a concussion.
Couple that with our recent SP woes and you have a recipe for a trade involving a starting pitcher coming to Boston. The trade deadline is but mere days away so we will have the answer to that soon.
Another possibility could be Curt Schilling moving back into the rotation now that the local kid from Boston (drafted 2nd round in 2000) is in the majors. Actually, he just pitched in the Devil Rays game. He pitched one inning and struck out one batter, not walking anyone or allowing a hit. Nice debut, Manny! (Hopefully this Manny is a little smarter than our other Manny, who has reportedly demanded a trade. What else is new?)
Until then, I leave the continuation of the guest columns in good hands…

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