Cleveland Browns may be serious trade contenders for Odell Beckham Jr.

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Odell Beckham Jr. to the Cleveland Browns is becoming quite realistic at this point.

Last season, the New York Giants were all ears when it came to offers for Odell Beckham Jr. Even though Beckham was ready and willing to sign a massive extension (and he did) the Giants were still open to hearing offers. Once Beckham inked his five-year deal, which was worth $90 million, everybody was under the assumption that all trade options were officially off the table. And they were, for last year at least.

Once again, the Giants are listening to offers for the star wideout, and apparently, it’s getting very serious. Earlier on Tuesday, ESPN’s Josina Anderson reported that an AFC North team was inquiring for a trade with the Giants regarding Beckham. Whether it was a serious offer, or a laughable one like before, well, that’s what everybody is wondering, but nobody knows. Apparently though, Cleveland is serious. This isn’t some general inquiry. They are trying to make moves, and they want Beckham.

Is there an offer out there?

Take this source’s screenshot with a grain of salt. According to Uproxx’s Jordan Zirm, a source close to him has revealed that the Giants have an offer on the table from the Cleveland Browns. Apparently, the Browns want to hear back from them very soon too.

“I would imagine the Giants would want more than this deal. but there is so much smoke around this that I fully believe the Browns have a sizeable offer (maybe this + a little more) on the table and the Giants are mulling it”

If the Giants are seriously considering this offer, then we can expect OBJ to be donning Cleveland Brown by Wednesday afternoon. However, we know that the Giants are going to have to be blown away for Beckham. Would two high-round picks and a player get it done? Probably not.

There may be some sweetening that needs to be done by Cleveland to really take this offer over the top. As they are in search of a star wide receiver for their young gunslinger in Baker Mayfield, the Browns seem very serious in acquiring a still fairly young wideout in Beckham.

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