Clint Bowyer Gets The Grandfather Clock

In a rare event NASCAR had a snow day pushing on track action for the 500 laps event to Monday. Not since 1993 have we had a snow day event.  Qualifying was cancelled putting Martin Truex Jr. on the pole for this event.

The race started off with Martin Truex Jr. leading some laps as Kyle Busch got hot and took the race lead at lap 4.  Denny Hamlin then got hot and took the race lead at lap 27.   Denny kept on leading laps and at lap 50 it was competition caution time.  The leaders pit and Denny Hamlin kept the race lead.   The next 85 laps was a Denny Hamlin affair.  Late in the first segment Brad Keselwoski tried to get the race lead and could not do it as Denny Hamlin took the first stage win.  The leaders pit and Ryan Blaney took the race lead.

The second stage started off with a battle for the lead as Denny Hamlin had it for a couple laps and then Ryan Blaney took over the race lead.  At the end of the second stage Clint Bowyer was right behind Ryan for the lead of the race and lapped traffic did not work as Ryan took the second stage win.

At lap 286 Clint Bowyer took the lead for the first time today.  His car though was not full of fuel and we had another long green flag run this time.  Kyle Busch started to get hot and was right behind him around lap 375.  At lap 384 Jamie McMurray wound up spinning out to bring out the caution saving Clint Bowyer from making a real early pit stop for fuel.  The caution brought in the leaders with Clint Bowyer winning the race off pit rorad.

After the race continued it was one long green flag run again with Clint Bowyer leading laps.  At the end of the race Kyle Busch was in second place and always behind a couple lapped cars Clint just passed.  The late caution does not come out and Clint easily won the race.

“Just a weight off the shoulders,” said Clint Bowyer on the win.  He becomes the first driver to win in a Ford, Chevrolet, and Toyota Car.

“We’re a championship caliber team,” said Kyle Busch.

“A decent day,” said Denny Hamlin.