Congratulations To The Next GM Of The Mets: Jason Bay!

MLB: Pittsburgh Pirates at New York Mets

Okay, maybe not yet. But there is a remote possibility. You see, one of the General Managers of the Traveling Pants is reportedly being given the task of choosing the next GM from outside the organization.

From Buster Olney:

Theoretically, the Mets have three internal candidates for general manager — former general manager Omar Minaya and current assistants John Ricco and J.P. Ricciardi. But the expectation is that ownership will look outside the organization for the next GM hire, and Minaya — an advisor trusted deeply by owner Fred Wilpon — will have a major say in who is the long-term successor to Sandy Alderson.

Get ready for the Mets to hand Luis Castillo the reins so he can drop them too.

But seriously, David Lennon of Newsday paints another picture, one of the owner and C.O.O. wanting to keep the Traveling Pants around because they trust them, It also paints a picture of the three being told:

Ricco has said ownership has told him to “think outside the box” in trying to improve the Mets.

Yes … think outside the box. Becaus the Mets can’t afford the actual box.

If Ricco wants to show the big boys that he belongs at the table (Minaya and J.P. Ricciardi have at least been GM’s before and have nothing to prove), then we could have a disastrous trade involving deGrom and/or Syndergaard on our hands before Omar gets a chance to recommend a real GM. (Or Oliver Perez.) These are strange times, friends. They could get a whole lot more strange before July 31st.

I’ll be hiding in the box if you need me.

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