Conor McGregor Under Investigation For Assault From Summer 2022

Conor McGregor Under Investigation For Assault From Summer 2022

Conor McGregor is being investigated in Spain after an old physical assault claim in Ibiza last summer was reopened.

The court reopened the case after new details of the alleged incident surfaced. A woman, who has remained unnamed, accused the UFC fighter of assaulting her on his yacht in July.

The Irish woman filed a formal complaint against McGregor on July 17 after fleeing from the boat by jumping into the water for her safety.

Conor McGregor’s Assault Claim

The official report from Majorca Daily Bulletin in Spain says a woman official claims she was assaulted by McGregor during his birthday celebration in July 2022.

According to the complainant, she was an old friend of McGregor and knew him before the days before he was a UFC Star. McGregor invited her and a few friends along with his partner onto his yacht after celebrating his birthday in Ibiza on July 16.

The accuser claims that after McGregor’s partner went to bed, the rest of the party remained on deck and the situation escalated. The woman claims that McGregor kicked her and punched her in the chin, making her fall to the ground and hurt her wrist. McGregor then continued and threatened the plaintiff, claiming he was going to drown her.

The woman then jumped off the deck into the water to escape McGregor’s attack. She was later picked up by a Red Cross boat and told the rescuers that McGregor attacked her.

While she didn’t make an official complaint in Ibiza, when she returned home to Ireland she named McGregor in the formal complaint.

The allegations are currently under investigation.

McGregor Denies the Accusations

While the court can’t give publically release a lot of details on the case, McGregor has vehemently denied the accusations.

His representative Karen Kessler told ESPN, “Mr. McGregor is steadfast in his denial of all the accusations made by a guest on his boat,”.

This isn’t McGregor’s first alleged altercation, he has been previously accused of sexual assault in 2020. McGregor denied the allegations and the investigation was dropped due to insufficient evidence. In 2019, McGregor was caught punching a man in a Dublin car. He was charged with assault and fined $1,120.

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