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Verlander Rockies AI 2

This one hurt because of the job that the Mets did to come back from 6-0 down with a five run 6th and a go ahead hit in the 7th. Francisco Alvarez was key to all of this. He saved a run in the 3rd down 6-0 when Justin Verlander (who did not have it tonight and pulled off a minor miracle by making it five innings with his Coors Field compromised stuff to give up six runs in the first three innings of the game), took a comebacker off the calf and threw it low to Alvarez. He took the throw on the hop and tagged the runner out (he was probably safe but Bud Black didn’t challenge for some reason.) Then in the 6th, he capped a five run rally with a three run HR to tie the game 6-6, and I’m sure we all thought that the Mets would go on to pound this Rockies bullpen for three more innings.

They did get another run on a Starling Marte single in the 7th to take the lead, but that was all they got. Ryan McMahon hit a two run dinger to give the Rockies the lead off Jeff Brigham, and then two insurance runs off Drew Smith to make the final score 10-7. This is a game that I really want to be infuriated about, and I keep looking for reasons. Maybe Francisco Lindor going 0-for-5 in a game where everyone else … literally … had at least one hit? Maybe Verlander’s brutal outing? Maybe Jeff Brigham and Drew Smith spitting the bit at the end when they had come in to the game pitching very well? Maybe because the only Met pitcher who didn’t give up a hit was Dominic Leone?

I can’t muster up the energy to be angry at 27-26 nearing the end of May. The Mets are stable. Their pitchers are starting to last six innings. Alvarez will eventually move up from the 9 hole. The Mets bullpen is hitting a rough patch and somehow they’re surviving in the long run. Starling Marte is starting to hit. I mean, he still tries to bunt a little bit often for my taste, but let’s face it: If I’m writing 500 words on that, then I’ve gone off the deep end. I’m too old for that now, to be honest.

We’ll still be fine.

Today’s Hate List

  1. Ryan McMahon
  2. First, for his two run homer.
  3. Second, for chirping at Brigham for hitting Grichuk with a fastball right after the home run.
  4. Dude, nobody hits anybody anymore on purpose. It’s not Al Hrabosky out there. It’s Jeff Brigham.
  5. Also, it was raining. The ball was wet. I know you’re defending your brother in arms. But still. Calm down.
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