Cougs Lose to Trees, Rooster on Suicide Watch

I only got to listen to the game on the radio so its hard to get an idea of where this went wrong. Here’s what I do know: Cougs are worse than UC Davis and South Dakota State, no better than Boise State and might have a chance at Portland State or New Hampshire. Any big names in there… I hear it snowed a foot in South Dakota last week.

Here’s what I think: The Cougs of old would have torn up both the Beavs and the Trees by blitzing. Those were great times, I loved watching those teams. Some of those teams didn’t win many games but they still made it exciting. Todays game sounded about as exciting as a vanilla flavored rice cake. I truly believe that the Cougs get jacked up by their defense. Skip to the next paragraph, the rest is BABBLE. Are they (Akey,Doba) that scared of their secondary that they can’t blitz once in a while?! The coaching staff must have read the article of Notre Dames’ “Bend but don’t break” approach against UW. Yeah, that ain’t working. In fact can you imagine what that is doing to the confidence of the team. I went through last week (after I posted my comments about the game under the “Lots of Recruiting Stuff Today, TV for UCLA!” Post…. Brinkhater, check it out) thinking to myself can an offense responsible for nearly 600 yds & 33 points really be blamed for a loss? Can I really cap on an offensive coordinator and a head coach in that situation? Then I thought, I’ll just keep it to myself because they turned the ball over 6 f’in times, once for a touchdown. I also remember the Cougs D keeping the Beavs from scoring from within the 1 yd line for what seemed like 4 downs in a row until their lousy back held the ball out (which was not across the goal line and should have been replayed). But they gave up 38 points, not including the interception for a touchdown. They gave up 24 points today but the offense only produced 21.

What the hell, I’m confused. And if that’s the case, it must be the coaches fault. I’m drunk… and I need some time to think… Nighty Night.

In case somebody else is reading this, Hawk and Brinkhater are both SEXY BEASTS. Go COUGS.

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