Could Mondesi Have Been A Fit?

Over at League of Angels, Jeff Howe questions the Angels’ supposed acquisition of Raul Mondesi.
Mondesi’s lifetime batting average is .273 with an anemic .333 OBP (anemic to Oakland and Boston at least) and a pretty decent .490 SLG. His arm is among the best in baseball, as is indicated by his career 69 assists out of right field (for comparison, Vladimir Guerrero’s [another fielder renowed for his arm] career assist total lands him at 86, while Kevin Millar’s is 5 [in 101 career games]).
There’s a number of reasons why Theo excercised restraint, despite pressure from Pedro Martinez and Manny Ramirez. He (per Peter Gammons) offered Mondesi $600,000, while he signed for $1.75 with the Angels.

Mondesi’s attitude
has not earned him praises, however, and that is a big reason why I am glad the Red Sox did not sign Mondesi. He reacts angrily to being benched, which will not make him a valuable man in the clubhouse for Terry Francona manages NL style, rotating people in and out. Some people don’t like that, but I love it. It offers people rest, keeps the bench awake and primed, and makes everyone feel they are part of the team. You should not regret playing someone on your bench. Yes, they are not as good as the starters, but the managers would not have kept them on the team if he did not believe in them. Anyways, Mondesi’s attitude is a giant strike against him.
When Trot Nixon returns, where will Mondesi play? First Base, Right Field, and DH are all taken care of. Mondesi will go to the bench. If you clicked the link I provided above about Mondesi’s attitude … ah, so we’re back to the attitude, which is clearly about money, and playing time. Isn’t it just a bit curious that he went home to be with his family and sort out all these matters, then got released from the Pirates … and voila, he is ready to play again?
In short, the Angels can have him.

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