Countries Where Online Gambling is Legal


Surfing the internet, many people come across random Online Gambling advertisements. It is worth noting that gambling is not legal in every country. So before trying your luck with online casino games, players have to take care of the security and legalization issues. Online casinos are enjoying a notable increase in the number of users year by year. However, many users skip reading the “terms and conditions” part thoroughly. To ensure that no law is broken, it is advisable to always check the rules and the legalization policy of online casinos. But then there are all sorts of malpractices to go against the law.

Unhealthy online casino practices
Where online gambling is legal, players enjoy the authentic casino experience at their home. Thus players of countries where online betting and gambling is forbidden are disappointed. Some of these players seek illegal ways to enjoy online casinos. By using a virtual private network (VPN), players hide their actual location and access the online gambling sites by providing a fake location. This practice is illegal and punishable by the law. The online gambling sites are now using some smart technologies that detect your actual location and restricts you from doing anything illegal.

For all those areas where online betting and gambling is not legal, the players can always play their favourite games but without any actual bets placed. So, there is hardly any need to resort to unhealthy ways of gambling.

Areas that allow online gambling
Following are the countries where online gambling is legal or being practised.

1) The European Countries
Online gambling is legal in most of the European countries that include

2) Australia and New Zealand
Online gambling is legal in Australia and New Zealand. However, in New Zealand, only the online gambling websites bases and regulated by the country are legal. All the online gambling websites based overseas are illegal and banned in New Zealand.

3) The Asian countries
Online gambling is legal in Japan, Philippines and Kazakhstan. Some countries like China, Thailand, Singapore, Macao partly allow gambling. In India, online gambling is strictly banned except for two states Sikkim and Goa. Some states of India have scratch card games alternative lotteries legalized though. In countries like Taiwan, Bangladesh, UAE, and Indonesia gambling of any kind is strictly banned by the law.

4) The African countries
Online gambling is mostly banned in many African countries. Some countries don’t even mention online gambling in the laws as there is very limited access to the internet. However, some countries like South Africa, Kenya and Mauritius allow online gambling and earns a  big revenue with it. Many other countries like Algeria, Morocco, Cape Verde, Ivory Coast allow online gambling to some extent. These countries allow sports betting or some basic online casino games.

5) The American countries
Online gambling is heavily practised in the North American countries especially the US which makes up to 70% of players base. Canada allows online gambling is some regions and in some regions, it is illegal. However, the Government really does not seem to care as online gambling of all kinds are enjoyed freely pretty much everywhere in North America. Some of the countries in Central America and the Caribbean like Costa Rica, El Salvador, Trinidad and Tobago, Honduras allow online gambling. It is allowed in Mexico to some extent and Cuba is not a country where anyone should practice any kinda gambling. Few of the South American countries like Argentina, Peru, Panama have legalised online gambling. Countries like Brazil, Chile, Uruguay see some online gambling action however it is banned on papers. Ecuador has now banned gambling of any type.

Before jumping to enjoy online gambling experience, it is highly advisable to check to the legality as it is also a matter of change from time to time.

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