Cousins: ‘We have to find a solution because right now whatever we’re doing is not working’

With so much speculation surrounding the future of George Karl at the helm, his team gave up a season-high 46 points in the first quarter to the Celtics.


The last time Boston scored 46 in a first quarter was Feb. 12, 1982 during the Larry Bird era, at San Diego.

You would think the Kings would put a little more effort in trying to save Karl right? The amount of open 3-point shots that were wide-open was beyond ridiculous.

DeMarcus Cousins led the Kings with 31 points but he’s not into personal success. He wants to win at any cost and he expressed that in the post game interview.

He’s right, something needs to change. This defensive scheme is not working out. How many first quarter points will they allow tomorrow night in Cleveland?


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