Cowbell Kingdom Podcast Ep 103: Zach Harper of CBS Sports talks Sacramento Kings, Summer League

by Jonathan Santiago & James Ham

DeMarcus Cousins take a break at the free throw line of Team USA mini-camp practice. (Photo: Jonathan Santiago)

An eventful two weeks in the Las Vegas heat is finally over.  DeMarcus Cousins capped off his four-day USA Basketball experience in an intersquad scrimmage last night and the Sacramento Kings have been home since wrapping up their Summer League schedule last Friday.  To look back at the two weeks that were, we welcome CBS Sports’ Zach Harper, the founder of Cowbell Kingdom, on this week’s podcast.  In segment two, we recap the three-day Team USA mini camp and talk about the Kings’ interest in Greg Oden.


Harper on watching Summer League basketball:

It’s ugly.  It’s really ugly basketball.  There were 61 games in 11 days.  I would say of those, I probably watched I don’t know, 40 of them?  And it’s just not good basketball, but what I always try to do is kind of divorce myself of expectations of seeing good basketball and just look for decision-making.  And I find that when you do that, you can trick yourself into thinking that what you’re watching is really interesting and really intricate basketball.


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