Cowbell Kingdom Podcast Ep 75: Kings to Seattle chatter with Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times and Aaron Bruski of NBC Sports

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by Jonathan Santiago & James Ham

Fan with an "Our Team, Our Town" sign. (Photo: Steven Chea)

Has the final chapter begun?  Are we seeing the end to the saga surrounding the Kings’ uncertain future in Sacramento?  With news coming in and out of Seattle about a possible Kings move north, we break down the last two days of reports and hearsay with two knowledgeable sources.  Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times joins us in part one of this week’s podcast.  Then, we welcome in Aaron Bruski of NBC Sports for an extended conversation in part two.


Condotta reported yesterday that the Maloofs are hoping to maintain a say in the franchise’s direction following a sale.  How big of a snag might this be?

It’s hard to know.  I’ll be honest – basically what I know is what’s in the story.  So, I don’t know how big a factor this is or if it’s a negotiating ploy or any of that.  But kind of just heard that one kernel of news today and kind of decided to print that.

Bruski waxes poetic on million-dollar question of business morals for the NBA.

If Sacramento has a good owner and we’re talking about difference of $20 million between the Seattle offer and the Sacramento offer, you’ve basically got a $20 million moral question for the Maloofs.  You’ve got a question of how much better is the Seattle market than the Sacramento market.  You know, it’s a little bigger in Seattle, but they got four sports teams…You can keep the team in Sacramento and still give a team to Seattle down the road.


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