Cowbell Kingdom Podcast Ep 92: Larry Coon on Vivek Ranadivé’s NBA revenue sharing concession

by Jonathan Santiago & James Ham

Vivek Ranadivé addresses media at the Downtown Plaza. (Photo: James Ham)

The group of investors proposing to buy the Kings and keep them in Sacramento made headlines this week when it was reported that they are prepared to opt out of the NBA’s revenue sharing program.  League salary cap expert Larry Coon joins us on this week’s podcast to offer his analysis and opinion on the news.  We also discuss the Twitter exchange between a Sonics fan and Miami Heat owner Micky Arison, as well as some “what if” chat on the Kings and Golden State Warriors’ recent draft history.


How does Coon think NBA owners in small markets feel about the Sacramento group’s proposal to forgo revenue sharing?

Well first of all, if I’m a Peter Holt or somebody in a small market, I’m saying ‘Well No. 1, don’t expect us to being doing that because we were part of the negotiation for this thing and we think it’s important and we’re glad to be recipients of that’.  And No. 2, I’d be saying ‘Okay, so they’re not taking their share, where’s that money gonna go?  Can that further subsidize (other) small market teams and help the rest of us out more?’ That’s what I’d be petitioning for if I were a small market owner.


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