Cowboys’ QB Dak Prescott Caught With Himself As iPhone Wallpaper

Cowboys’ QB Dak Prescott Caught With Himself As iPhone Wallpaper
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While NFL Thanksgiving may be over, some players like Dak Prescott won’t be let off the hook that easily this holiday season.

The Dallas Cowboys quarterback was caught holding his cellphone on the sidelines, which revealed an image of him in his Cowboys jersey as his lock screen wallpaper.

Naturally, NFL Twitter roasted the quarterback, criticizing him for loving himself too much. One fan even commented that it was a “very cowboy thing to do”.

Check out Prescott’s phone background below.

Despite the attention, the Cowboys are beginning to establish themselves as a legitimate Super Bowl contender.

While Odell Beckham Jr has yet to sign with a team, their win over the New York Giants might be convincing enough for the wide receiver free agent to join the Cowboys’ quest for a Super Bowl ring.

Did the Dallas Cowboys win the Beckham Jr Bowl

After an uncertain start to the season, the Cowboys rallied back into contention in the NFC East, thanks to the help of backup Cooper Rush.

While it seemed like a quarterback controversy could have been brewing in Dallas, that has been quickly put to rest following the dominance of late from Prescott.

On Thanksgiving, the Cowboys and New York Giants battled for second place in the NFC East. Prescott led the Cowboys to a 28-20 victory, marking his 10th straight win over the Giants.

Prescott completed 21 of 30 passes for 261 yards with two touchdowns and two interceptions, good for a 71.1 QBR. While the two interceptions helped the Giants stay in the game, the Cowboys defense didn’t give any points on those turnovers.

At the same time, the Cowboys offense also had flashes of brilliance. Wide receiver CeeDee Lamb was on fire, making several insane one-handed catches against the Giants’ defense.

While no word on where OBJ will sign in December, it’s easy to see how the Cowboys may have sealed the deal with their high powered offensive showing on Thursday afternoon.

Dak Prescott Under Heat For iPhone Wallpaper

After posting his 10th straight win over the Giants, Prescott was caught on the sidelines talking to NFL analyst Greg Olsen. As Prescott was talking, fans caught his phone wallpaper which was a picture of himself in his cowboy’s uniform.

Many football fans are questioning why his wallpaper is a picture of himself. While Prescott is yet to comment on his phone, NFL fans aren’t holding back when it comes to the star quarterback.

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