Coyotes 3 Sharks 2

Ok, I said I was going to write a blog about this game but I only saw the first 2 periods. And those were the boring 2 periods.
Heres the highlights (from what ive read/heard):
went into the 3rd tied 0-0
huge scrum near the end
Carcillo injured his knee (MRI was done today, should know results today or tomorrow)
Doan tied it with 4o seconds left
No goals in OT
Mueller gets the first goal in shoot out
Bryz owns the sharks in shoot out

the only game on tv that i dont watch the 3rd period of and thats when it gets good. damn it.

but this should show the yotes that they are just as good as other teams out there. we beat the devils, rangers, flyers, and sharks all in a row.

I did watch the replay. I think JR definatly should not have been grabbing carcillo around the neck. and carcillo was on his knees, in that position anyone should know its not wise to pull a guy back, he should have tried to pull him up instead.

Quote of the Day:
Phoenix coach Wayne Gretzky said. “I was just so proud of how hard my guys played tonight. They played with a lot of heart and character.”

And I found this on the yotes website (under 10 things to be thankful for):
5. The Hip Check is back with Keith Ballard who has mastered the old school move! “KB2, The Destroyer” has been leaving a trail of sore bodies all over the NHL this season with highlight reel clean hits which have SportsCenter Top 10 written all over them. Ballard is more than just a marksman with the hip; he is arguably one of the most underrated defensemen in the league. This is a guy who will do anything for his teammates and may someday wear the captain’s “C” on his chest. All you need to know about Keith Ballard is that when he drops the gloves, he immediately removes his helmet and visor. This throwback plays with honor.

There is also a little blurb on the rookies. We have 3 rookies in the top 10 scorers. Mueller at #2, Hanzal at #5 and Carcillo at #9

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