Coyotes 4 Blue Jackets 2

Please stay tuned for a Rampage update. I have a guest blogger who will be answering some questions that we fans put together.

As for tonight’s game, the Coyotes beat the Blue jackets 4-2. As this was a radio only broadcast (and I don’t have Center Ice), I wasn’t able to see it. I did hear bits and pieces of the game. I listened on the way to the gym and the Coyotes were up 2-0. I listened on the way home and Porter and Doan scored, making it 4-0.

Somehow, from the time I got out of the car, went to get the mail, and got the game going on the computer, it was 4-2. I am still not sure how the blue jackets got those goals. No one would tell me. I think Jovo was going to the box when I got out of the car. So maybe a PP goal?

However, when I finally got the radio broadcast going at home, Hanzal got his first goal of the season to make it 5-2 with about 20 seconds left. It was an empty netter, but still, he got his goal! Way to go Hanzal.

It sounded like Yandle was having a good game. He may have been credited with one of the goals. From what the broadcasters said, Turris passed the puck to Yandle who put the puck on net. He either put it in, or Rhino tipped it in. I never did hear if the goal ended up credited to Rhino. This is why I hate radio broadcasts, I like to actually see for myself what happened. One of these years, I may have to invest in Center Ice, but it is so much money just to watch a couple of yotes games.

Scratches were Carcillo, McGrattan and Hale. Apparently Carcillo was scratched because of the stick he took to the face in Sunday night’s game (although, he was at practice on Tuesday and looked fine to me). I really would like to see McGrattan get another game but being up against Minnesota, I don’t see that for tomorrow but maybe Saturday. Hale, well he can just stay a scratch. Yandle seems to be doing much better after his benching.

Bryz was in goal tonight. I can’t assess his performance but it sounded like he didn’t do too badly. Maybe he has finally figured out how to be a starting goalie.

All Star voting starts today. The coyotes have three players on the ballot, Bryz, Jokinen and Doan. I will be voting for Doan as much as I can remember. He deserves it. He deserved it last year but Jovo got sent instead (thank god he’s not on the ballot). I am not sure that Bryz is an NHL all star goalie. There are so many other goalies out there that are much better and much more consistent. And I am still not sold on Jokinen and figure he will get it just purely because of his name.

On a side note, this morning Yandle was second for DMen for the all star game. How does that happen? Does he have an exceptionally large family and they all got on and voted multiple times? Anyway, kudos to whoever got Yandle to the top of that list, I never would have saw that coming!

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