Coyotes 5, Islanders 4

Last night I found a new player to hate, #28 Jackman for the NY Islanders. He tried to decapitate the Telly Monster and broke his mask. This is a game we needed Carcillo in as Jackman did not get called for a penalty and Jovo/Jokinen just talked at him after he did this. He did get some payback in the form of boos every time he stepped on the ice and a nice smashing hit from none other than David Hale. I don’t care if we get a penalty, he needed to pay for what he did. It opened the door for the Islanders to abuse Telly all night. Telly usually is calm and collected but there was a couple of times he was getting upset with the Islanders abuse he’d actually shove them.

Speaking of Telly, he let in 4 goals last night but I can’t blame him for all the goals as our D totally fell apart in the third. It was almost like we had 5 forwards out there in the third. We reverted back to the Coyotes of past seasons…we are ahead so we let off. Well the problem with that is it allows the other team to come back. At least we were able to hold them off for the win.

Congrats to Doug Weight who recorded is 1,000 career point last night. That is quite the accomplishment. Also, kudos to the Coyotes fans who gave him a standing ovation. He seemed quite humble as he thanked the crowd multiple times, looking as if he wished the camera would be off him soon.
Bryz’s holiday mask is up for auction on the NHL auction site. It’s currently at 1250 and there is 11 days to go. This mask should raise a lot of money for Coyotes Charities.
Winnik has been sent to San Antonio on a two-week conditioning stint. He was asked by the organization to go and had the class to say ok. He knows that he wasn’t getting playing time here and now he can go play in San Antonio and get his game back. He knows what he needs to work on and now he will have the chance to do that in a game, not just practice. This is why I love Winnik. He works hard and when given a chance to really work on his game, he takes it. There are so many athletes (and non-athletes too) who think just being them qualifies them for the job. I don’t care who you are, you always need to work to improve yourself.
Coyotes are currently tied point wise with Anaheim. We have the exact same numbers as Anaheim, 39GP, 19W, 15L, 5OT for a points total of 43. Not to put too much pressure on my boys, but this means tomorrow nights game against Anaheim is crucial. Hopefully Carcillo will be back in the lineup as we will need some toughness against the Ducks. Also, being on their home turf is going to make it difficult. The boys will need to take it up a notch and hang tough (yes, I did just make a NKOTB reference. You know you love it..)

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