Coyotes 5, Kings 2

Last night the Coyotes beat the Kings 5-2.

We took our BEAT LA signs (compliments of the Dbacks game) and went down to the king’s end and started our taunting. We got the players and the cameraman’s attention. I have never been on the jumbotron in my life as much as I have these past two home games. While we were down there, I made sure to tell Jack Johnson he sucks. I also told Simmonds that Juvy wanted him back. I told a lot of players that they sucked. We laughed at the goalie. We got a few pucks shot at us. Like that would scare us. Oh yah, we also called them a bunch of Queens. Their jerseys have sparkly thread on them.

I sat in section 104. It’s a pretty good view of them game. We saw Rhino’s two goals on our end. I was so hoping he would have gotten the natural hat trick. The line Lisin-Rhino-Porter was looking good. Porter got a goal also. I am still not sure who is going to make the team but Porter made a pretty good case for himself last night.

Winnik works so hard out there. We all wanted him to get a goal. Even if he never gets a goal, he adds so much to the team. He works hard. He digs in the corners. He does everything he needs to do. He creates plays for his teammates.

Tiki had better make the team. That boy is all over the place. He does a lot of the same that Winnik does. He also got a goal last night.

Bryz did not let in one goal, which is rare for him. The one thing I don’t like about pre-season is they will replace a goalie after two periods, even if the goalie is doing awesome. So Telly comes in for the third and lets two goals in. I felt bad for Telly. It’s got to be hard to come in for the third.

Doan had a huge hit on Simmonds. The boy had to go back the bench and rest for a bit. Doan definitely rang that boy’s bell. Simmonds was PWND. There is a nice pic on the coyotes website of Simmonds on the ice, looking all confused.

Hanzal took a hit at one point and he looked like he was in pain. He was doubled over and took him awhile to get to the bench. There were a couple of times where it looked like Hanzal was grimacing in pain. I hope he didn’t try to come back too soon. I don’t want him to hurt his back any more than it already is.

Oh, I forgot to mention the look Carcillo gave Frodo. It was a death look. If it wasn’t preseason and if Frodo had been more of a menace, I think Carcillo would have taken him out.

Well, that’s about all I got. I didn’t take notes.

Monday I am planning to hit up practice. This afternoon I am going to go skating. Haha

There isn’t another game until next Saturday. This will be our home opener against Columbus. I won’t have a blog after that game because on Sunday I will be leaving bright and early to go to Anaheim. Yup, we are going to go to Anaheim’s home opener against the Coyotes.

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