Coyotes at Calgary

The pre-game info for tonight’s game was missed due to the Arizona basketball game running over time. I find it funny that I have seen hockey games on NBC that have run over time, yet they will just switch to whatever is next (golf or horse racing) but basketball trumps hockey. Boooooooo

The Flames were coming off a big win over the Sharks, so my boys needed to be ready and play their game for the full 60 minutes and play it they did.

Hale started it off with a goal and a fight. This was the second goal of his career (both done this season) and I believe his second fight of the season. And who did he choose to fight? Jerome Iginla. He got off a couple of good swings before Iginla took him down. You have to give him credit for fighting Iginla. Hale and Iginla both left their helmets on (neither has a visor), I am sure this was due to all the recent talks about keeping the helmets on during fights and recent OHL rule change.

On the Hale goal, Fridge did a great job of screening Kipper. This is what I have been talking about all year and it seems they are finally starting to get the importance of getting in front of the net.

Calgary had a good scoring chance on the PP early in the second; the puck hit the post then the crossbar and bounced out. As Mueller comes out of the box, he is fed the puck, tries to pass it but it comes right back to him, quick shot and it’s in the net.

The Flames finally answer with a shot from Cammallari and a screen by Iginla. Cammallari gets another goal later in the third. The Flames will score once more in the third but it wasn’t enough to beat my yotes.

Jokinen also got on the board with a sweet shot from the corner that somehow found a gap between the post and Kipper. Boedker had a nice breakaway on a pass from Klee (made possible from a block by Yandle) and was able to score on Kipper.

The end of the game became a little nerve wracking when the Flames pulled Kipper to have the extra attacker. The Coyotes just couldn’t clear the zone and the Flames were giving everything they had, which thankfully wasn’t enough.

The game ends and it is 4-3 Coyotes. The yotes have moved into 5th in the Conference and second in the division, ahead of Anaheim because they have played one more game than us. We are sitting at 14th in the league (right behind the Florida Panthers – hrmmmmm funny stuff).
Tomorrow night the Coyotes go to Edmonton to take on the Oilers. I am not sure what time the game starts. The schedule says 6 but I got a text Friday saying the game was at 6 pm on 1510 am but then they sent out another one saying it started at 7 pm. The Coyotes website also says 7. I will probably be prepared and check at 6. I have nothing else to do, with the Cardinals/Eagles game in my backyard, I will be stuck at my apartment all day.

Edmonton is currently in 9th place (tied for 8th with Minnesota) and four points behind us. They will be looking to get two points this game. They could be a tough team to beat. The Coyotes will need to bring their A-game and not get too cocky/overconfident about these last two wins. I said before I wanted them to get six points this road trip and they can do it. They just need to stick to their game, limit the penalties, and play the full 60 minutes.

Will Gretzky ice the same team tomorrow? Will Gretz rest Klee? Will Bryz get a night off to prepare for Tuesday’s game? If I recall, Bryz has a horrid record against Edmonton.

If they can get these three wins in a row, it could be good for Tuesday when we face the Red Wings at home. I am asking that all Coyotes fans come out to Glendale. We need you on Tuesday. We need your body in the seat, we need your support, we need your voice. I will be loud and proud and make the Red Wings fans not want to come back to our arena, yes our arena. It is not the Red Wings arena and the team and the fans should not get comfy there, like it’s theirs.
David Schlemko has been called up from SA. I’m not sure if he will actually play, as Klee, Hale and Yandle have been playing well.

Also, G has been called up to SA; hopefully he will get to play this time. He has been called up numerous times this season but has yet to play in SA.
Well, I think that is all I have for you kitties tonight. I am going to finish watching 30 Minute Meals. Peace out.

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