Coyotes Update

Monday’s game: Coyotes 5, San Jose 1

Of course Bryz let in an early, soft goal. He really needs to work on that. After that though, he was awesome. Telly replaced him at the start of the third and showed us why we love him. At one point he had a bunch of sharkies abusing him and it looked like he was injured (no one is still really sure what happened) but play continued so Telly continued to keep the puck out of the net. He played phenomenal after that even though he was definitely hurting and the Sharks just kept beating on him. Finally, Carcillo did something about it. He made sure the shark got out of the crease. He may have gotten a penalty for it, but it needed to be done. We need to let those sharks know they cannot be in our goalies business.

Mueller was on fire. He got the hat trick. With the small crowd, there was about all of 5 hats on the ice. I was wearing a hat, but did not feel like running down, throwing it, having hat head, and it is my favorite coyotes hat. J

Boedker should have had the hat trick. He had two goals. He also had one that if the refs weren’t retarded, the puck would have been in. The refs believed that the goalie had it (he pretended like he did) but the puck was on Bods stick and going in the net. Stupid cheating goalie.

Let’s see… it’s been awhile so my brain is not fresh on what happened on Monday. Oh yah, we made it on the jumbo quite a few times. I hate being on the jumbo tron. We cheered like crazy over in 104. We were probably the loudest people in the arena. We like to think the boys were feeding off our energy. It was just nice to see a win.

Well, all I know is we iced the team that will most likey start the season (give or take a few guys) and beat the sharks “b” team 5-1. When we played them in San Jose this week, their “a” team had to go to OT to beat our “b” team. Jokinen finally seemed to get his groove on in San Jose. I didn’t listen to the game so I don’t know much how each player did.

Ziggy and Lannon were placed on waivers. I think Lannon had to be in order to go to SA. I hope another team doesn’t pick him up. He is my new favorite D (another one for you to check on MsConduct – and omg is he flexible, watch him stretch in warm-ups). Ziggy I could care less if he’s on the team or not. He’s a good player but he doesn’t really have a place in the coyotes system. It might actually be better for him to get picked up by another team who could play him in the NHL.

Montoya was sent down to SA today. I am guessing he gets the starting job there or splits with G. Sorry Tordjy, you just didn’t cut it this year. I hope you get back on your game.

Next up: @ Anaheim on Friday and home Saturday against the Kings. I just read today that Kings prospect Rich Clune broke a bone in his chest and will be out for quite sometime. I was hoping to see him Saturday. He made quite the impression during the rookie games and the first preseason game against us. I thought he had a good chance of making the Kings, and if not, he’d be certain to get a call up.

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