Create an all-time Sacramento Kings’ starting five with $15

Last week, social media went abuzz with a game that challenged people to create an all-time NBA starting five. The rules were simple – you have $15 to build a team of NBA greats, with 25 players valued anywhere from $1-5. Though fun at it’s core, the game sparked plenty of debate.

Since then, variations of the $15 game have started to pop up around the net, challenging fans to create all-time lineups for specific teams. We decided to create our own version of the game with a Sacramento Kings’ spin. See the image below and pick your all-time, Kings starting five (Sacramento-era only).

You have $15 to build an All-Time Sacramento Kings lineup... (Credit: Cowbell Kingdom)

My starting five would be…

PG – Isaiah Thomas ($1)
SG – Doug Christie ($2)
SF – Ron Artest ($3)
PF – Chris Webber ($5)
C – DeMarcus Cousins ($4)

Originally, I had Mitch Richmond at shooting guard and settled for Brian Grant at power forward. But, I decided instead to swap Webber in at power forward and Christie at shooting guard. Even though they’re not sharpshooters, Christie and Thomas are both capable 3-point threats. Having two lockdown, perimeter defenders in Christie and Artest covers up any lack of rim protection from my chosen frontline. Cousins is certainly capable of passing just as well as Vlade Divac and the opportunity to play him and Webber together is an interesting idea. Thomas at point guard for $1 was the best bargain outside of maybe Cousins for $4 at center.

Feel free to share your lineup in the comments below.

James Ham contributed to this post.

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