Dallas Stars, a team of mystery

The Dallas Stars are a .500 team this year. Not terrible, not great. Not a playoff team, but not a laughingstock. With restrictions on fans this year, not many people have had the luxury of seeing them play, but even with Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn, or the leading scorer, for some reason, Joe Pavelski, they haven’t done much to elicit the interest of the casual hockey fan. Heck, as a Wild fan, I’m focused almost entirely on the Western Honda Division and have almost written off their existence.

So they do have the ability to blend into the background, it seems. If you use the search engine Ecosia, they are even a bit more of a mystery. Here is the first page of results when searching for the Dallas Stars on the news tab.

That’s mostly the Red Wings and Blackhawks. There are as many stories about the Cowboys as there are images of the Dallas Stars on this search.

For those that haven’t heard of it, Ecosia has committed to planting trees worldwide using their revenues, so it stands as a little ironic that a company dedicated to going green doesn’t have the Stars in their results.