Dan Steinberg nails it on why Ravens win and Redskins have not.


The Redskins sucked for so long because they have been the worst-managed team in the NFL.

That started in the mid-1990s when they were too patient with Norv Turner. It got much worse when Daniel Snyder bought control of the team.

In the ‘Nineties, John Kent Cooke lost focus on football operations while struggling to keep the Redskins in the family after his father bequeathed the franchise to a charity. Snyder bought petulant adolescent impatience to his quest for immediate gratification.

Hog Heaven has argued for 15 years that the Redskins lost most seasons before they began, thanks for wrong-headed decisions flowing from the top. Most fans know this to be true.

Dan Steinberg reinforced the notion when he compared Washington’s approach to the Baltimore Ravens in a story posted to washingtonpost.com today.

“As the Redskins continue perhaps their most sincere attempt at a football-centric reboot in two decades, it might help to have a few role models. And the best one might be perched up I-95.

“The Ravens have a close-mouthed, sharp-eyed career personnel man as their general manager. They have a head coach whose last name was made famous by his much louder brother. They have a big-money starting quarterback who provokes endless debates about whether he is elite. They have a philosophy to build through the draft and to take the best player available, even when they infuriate fans by passing over an obvious need.

“The Ravens also have one thing the Redskins have almost never demonstrated: faith in continuity and patience….

“If you go through the league, the winning teams are the ones that have the least turnover in their front office and their coaching staffs,’ Baltimore owner Steve Bisciotti said during the offseason, while explaining that no major changes were in store. “You can’t just turn things over based on your record. I think that just sends you down. …One thing that I’m proud of is that we all view continuity as a strength. … Continuity doesn’t stem from laziness; it comes from confidence.’”

Follow the link to the rest of the story here.

One could make the same argument for the Patriots, Packers, Steelers, even the Giants, the team favored to win the NFC East.

The ‘Skins showed signs of improvement in the mid-Aughts when Joe Gibbs provided adult supervision to Snyder and Vinny Cerrato. His influence waned immediately after his 2007 departure.

GM Scot McCloughan follows Baltimore’s approach. Today it is the sole reason to have any faith in the Washington’s future.

But that won’t help for Sunday’s game in Baltimore. The Redskins shouldn’t consider any team “beatable,” nor any game “winnable.” We saw that against the beatable Cowboys in a winnable home game.

But the Redskins do have a shot against the Ravens.

Hail to that.

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