Dana White’s Power Slap Criticised For Poor Fighter Earnings

Dana White Power Slap

Dana White’s new Power Slap League has been heavily criticised for poor fighter pay. The highly controversial slap fighting initiative launched by the UFC President has been shunned due to it’s lack of care for fighters, before now being slammed for fighter pay.

Power Slap League Slammed For Measly Fighter Pay

Dana White has been slammed by fans for his new initiative – Power Slap League.

The rules of Power Slap are that each contestant is allowed a free slap to the face without protecting themself. To achieve a win, a fighter must either knock their opponent out or the referee selects who he/she thinks has won the fight after one slap each.

Power Slap has received lots of criticism over fighter safety, but now it is also being shunned for poor fighter pay. Former UFC fighter Eric Spicely revealed on Twitter that he was asked to participate in Power Slap. However, he turned the opportunity down due to a poor fight purse.

His tweet read:

“I was contacted to do slap league, you guys would be shocked at how much it pays.”

The 36-year-old went on to confirm he was offered $2,000 to take part in Power Slap and would earn another $2,000 if he was able to win his first bout.

Dana White has been criticised on social media for his new initiative. One particular video White put up on Instagram received thousands of critical comments. One read, “”‘Road to the title’ where you get 2k/2k and maybe 10k/10k if you win it all.”

The UFC kingpin bit back and responded to this comment saying, “How MMA started too. Boxing undercards make this kind of money still. Educate yourself before u open the YAP.”

White revealed that although this mightn’t look like a lot of money, it is similar to what fighters earned at the beginning when he launched UFC. The 53-year-old also revealed that these fight purses of $2,000 are similar to what some boxing undercard fighters earn.

Despite all the criticism and slating, it seems that Power Slap is here to stay. The Connecticut man has confirmed that he plans on making the sport far safer and more concentrated on fighter safety. Power Slap has a long way to go before it can be classed as a real sport to fans, and must first concentrate on protecting fighters and ensuring they are safe during competition.

Who knows what is next for Power Slap League. However, one thing for sure is that it is drawing eyeballs. Whether that be for the right reasons or not, it is gathering momentum.

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