Danny Ainge let Paul George slip through his fingers

Oklahoma City Thunder v Indiana Pacers

Not the greatest start to free agency.

I’m pissed. Paul George was there for the taking and Danny Ainge let him slip away.


UPDATE: Danny Ainge made a massive offer for George at the trade deadline, per Jeff Goodman:

Celtics trade offer for Paul George back at trade deadline, per league source: Brooklyn pick (wound up being No. 1) and 3 other first-rounders.

And a more reasonable offer on draft night:

Celtics offer on draft night for Paul George, per league source, was 3 first-round picks (not the Nets pick next year or the Lakers/Kings pick) and two starters (Crowder being one)

UPDATE Part two:

Now that I’ve had some time to reflect on the situation, I’ll scale back my criticism of Danny Ainge.  That draft night offer is light years better than the Oladipo/Sabonis combo.

But… this tweet from last summer still captures my feelings:


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