David Wells, Spring Training Invitees

What do you think of David Wells?
I, for one, am happy that he came out and said he wanted to be a Yankee before a Red Sox. It puts what many people suspected out there, and now we know. I think that’s a lot better than not knowing. I like David Wells more now that I know he wanted (and probably still does want) to be a Yankee, but that won’t stop him from taking the ball 30 or more times this season and winning games for the Red Sox. It also gives us a “big-game” pitcher because he’s pitched in so many pressure situations. Before this year, I couldn’t really fathom someone who didn’t want to be here, but bottom line, he does want to be here – it’s just not his first choice. To him, it was either the Yankees, Padres, or Red Sox. All of them had a great chance of winning, the best obviously the Red Sox because of what happened last year. Money enticed him to the Red Sox, and also the idea of being on the other side of the rivalry. I have no problem with David Wells wanting to be a Yankee because I know it won’t affect how he plays. We’ve heard baseball players say “I would prefer to be in Boston, but…” (one specific person that comes to mind is Derek Lowe) and end up on other teams and perform. I don’t expect it to be any different here, and I know that as the season progresses, Wells will become one of our own. Ramiro Mendoza was pretty close to being initiated last year, but Francona avoided him in the playoffs. One interesting note I saw when looking up his statistics is that his statistics this past year were real similar to his glory days with the Yankees, and yet we had no faith in him. A little odd, but understandable.
As most of you know, spring training is here!


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Recently, this quiz has been circulating around Sox Nation – which player are you? I took this quiz to see who I was, and to compare with another quiz that I took in October, which was similar. The one I took in October said I was Pedro Martinez. The one circulating around Sox Nation shows me that I’m Theo!

David Wells, Spring Training Invitees You scored as Pedro Martinez. You are Pedro Martinez – the little man that could.
David Wells, Spring Training Invitees You scored as Theo Epstein.Wait a minute, you’re not a Red Sox player… you’re Theo Epstein! Extremely smart and successful, you work the magic from behind the scenes. You take a lot of risks, but it always works out. You’re not too bad on the eyes either!!

Theo Epstein
Curt Schilling
Jason Varitek
Johnny Damon
Mark Bellhorn
David Ortiz
Manny Ramirez
Kevin Millar

The Boston Red Sox are in the Guiness World Book of Records. No, not this time because of their history comeback. Because the Lowell Spinners set a world record for the largest game of Duck-Duck-Goose, in which “a total of 432 fans encircled the entire outfield in the record-setter after a four-hour, 13-inning game against Tri-City on Aug. 14, 2004.”
Kind of all over the place here, but nothing to talk about especially today. Kick back and look at all the pictures of baseball players playing under a bright sun. You deserve it.

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