Jared Cowen Autographed T-Shirt Contest Challenge Day Three

Jared Cowen Autographed T-Shirt Contest Challenge Day Three

On this third day of the Jared Cowen Autographed Jersey T-Shirt Contest (JCAJTC), we’re running a small 5-question trivia quiz.

All of the answers to the quiz can be easily found directly on the website. Only 5 correct answers will garner a reward. Once you think you know all of the answers, email us your responses To answer the questions, email us your responses at — [email protected].

Here are the questions:

  1. In our most widely viewed article, what beer did we compare the Ottawa Senators to?
  2. On Hockey Central, Nick Kypreos’ head should be replaced by what?
  3. Who was featured in our third episode of The 6th Sens Podcast?
  4. What was the name of the website before it became known as The 6th Sens?
  5. In one of our old featured interviews for the website, we interviewed Peter Regin’s Swedish Elite League coach, Charles Berglund, who compared his ceiling to this current Los Angeles Kings forward?

*** Note: We were asked via Twitter, the only deadline for completing previous days’ challenges is the last day of the contest. So if this is the first day that you’ve noticed the contest, you can access the first challenge by following this link and the second challenge by clicking this link.


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