LOOK: Dean Ambrose Seen Scouting With William Regal At ‘WrestleMania’ Weekend Indie Event

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WWE Raw star Dean Ambrose is set to leave the company when his contract expires this month, but the lingering question for the past couple weeks has remained whether or not The Lunatic Fringe will appear at WrestleMania 35.

Ambrose last appeared on WWE TV on Raw in a Last Man Standing main event match against Drew McIntyre, and Ambrose did not appear on the show this week. Instead, Ambrose made an off-air appearance after Raw went off the air on Monday night, and teased a possible WrestleMania appearance when he pointed to the ‘Mania sign hanging inside the arena in Washington, D.C.

According to several social media posts, Dean Ambrose was spotted, alongside William Regal, at Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport indie event which took place on Thursday night in Jersey City, NJ.

As of this writing, it remains unclear why Ambrose was at the event, which in the past has boasted talent such as current NXT star Matt Riddle.

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It is possible Ambrose was just watching the show as a fan, or, because NXT GM William Regal was in attendance with Ambrose, it is possible The Lunatic Fringe was “scouting” talent alongside Regal.

Speculation is abound regarding whether or not Dean Ambrose has agreed to a new deal with WWE, and/or if he will appear at the PPV this Sunday, so only time will reveal Ambrose’s full future plans.

It is worth noting that despite not being advertised for WrestleMania on Sunday, Dean Ambrose is advertised for WrestleMania AXXESS events taking place throughout the week, which explains why he is in the New York and New Jersey area as of Thursday night. In fact, Ambrose is scheduled for the 8am AXXESS appearance and signing event taking place on April 7th, the morning of WrestleMania 35. It should be noted that this year’s AXXESS events do not take place at MetLife Stadium, the site of WrestleMania, but rather at Brooklyn Pier 12 in Brooklyn, New York City.

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