DeMarcus Cousins Says: Take All Confederate Statues Down!

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Boogie Cousins, who was born in Alabama has strong views on the recent unrest across the country pertaining to confederate statues. The Pelicans Super-Star Center reply to a TMZ reporter who asked his opinion on what should be done said ” Take All Them Mutha*#@kers Down!” Boogie Cousins repeated to the reporter again to “Take Them All Down!”& agreed when asked if a mandate should be proposed across the country on confederate statutes. 

Cousins who’s in-line with a lot of NBA Stars who feel the same way such as Lebron James, Kevin Durant & others. The Memphis Grizzlies Head Coach David Fizdale recently called for the removal of the statutes in Tennessee & across the country.

Boogie Cousins also replied when asked his thoughts about President Trump saying “I Don’t want to say too much but I don’t respect him.” DeMarcus does have a Malcolm X tattoo on his leg when pointed out by the reporter Boogie replied “You Know Where I Stand!”


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