Demetrious Johnson Explains Why MMA is the Easiest Sport to Become Champion In

Demetrious Johnson, Eddie Alvarez Return in April

Former UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson has sparked controversy by claiming that mixed martial arts (MMA) is the easiest sport to become a champion in. Johnson, who is widely regarded as one of the greatest fighters in MMA history, made the comments in a recent interview, where he compared the sport to boxing.

Johnson’s argument is that in boxing, every fighter is limited to the same set of skills, making it more difficult to stand out and become a champion. In MMA, on the other hand, fighters have a wider range of skills and techniques at their disposal, which allows them to create unique fighting styles and strategies.

Johnson also argues that the depth of talent in MMA is not as strong as it is in other sports, making it easier for fighters to rise to the top of the rankings and become champions. He believes that the sport is still in its infancy and has not yet reached the level of competition seen in other sports like basketball or football.

The Reaction

Johnson’s comments have sparked a mixed reaction from fans and fighters alike. Some have praised him for his honesty and willingness to speak his mind, while others have criticized him for disrespecting the sport of boxing.

Many boxing fans have taken issue with Johnson’s comments, arguing that boxing is a more technical and nuanced sport than MMA. They point to the fact that boxing has a longer history and a more established set of rules and regulations, which makes it more difficult to become a champion.

While Demetrious Johnson’s comments may be controversial, they do raise some interesting points about the nature of MMA and the challenges that fighters face in becoming champions. While it is true that MMA fighters have a wider range of skills and techniques at their disposal, they also face a greater degree of uncertainty and unpredictability in the cage.

Ultimately, the debate over which sport is easier to become a champion in is likely to continue. While some may agree with Johnson’s assessment of MMA, others will argue that boxing is still the more difficult and prestigious sport. Regardless of which side of the debate you fall on, there is no denying that both sports require a tremendous amount of skill, dedication, and hard work to succeed at the highest level.

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