Details And Rumors On ‘WWE SmackDown’ 2019 Move To Fox

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Longtime fans that have followed pro wrestling since the 1980’s are surely in awe of how far the sport has come. The business went from dimly lit coliseums to national television to streaming apps online.

Pro wrestling is more accessible than ever before and as a result, is bigger than it ever has been. The biggest company in the game today, of course, continues to be WWE. The sports entertainment giant will conquer new territory when SmackDown Live moves to FOX in 2019.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter recently delivered some interesting details and rumors surrounding the company’s deal.

Part of the story revolves around the loss of UFC programming on FOX Sports 1 and 2, leading many to believe that NXT could make the jump along with SmackDown Live. Though a move to FS1 seems logical, WWE is against the idea and prefers to keep NXT on the WWE Network.

What does seem possible is the idea of WWE using a pre and post-game show format on FS1. A pre-game show would happen on FS1 before SmackDown Live on Friday nights, while a post-game show would follow pay-per-views on Sunday nights.

There’s also the possibility of a live studio show on FS1, perhaps similar to Talking Smack on the WWE Network. The Observer notes that while anything is possible, the problem is that shows of that nature on FOX Sports tend to be more rooted in reality instead of hype.

However, FOX knows what it’s getting with WWE. Vince McMahon’s company has taken the business further than anyone could have dreamed possible. WWE has opened doors that were always closed and has broken barriers along the way.

Many pro wrestling companies in 2018 are enjoying the rewards of WWE’s labor. But WWE remains the juggernaut in an industry that continues to grow. That growth is good for the business, as well as the fans.


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