Did McGregor Tweet Hint At Retirement From MMA and UFC?

Did McGregor Tweet Hint At Retirement From MMA and UFC?

Conor McGregor recently landed his first role on the big screen but the two-time UFC champion was in the news once again on Wednesday, this time for hinting at a potential retirement.

McGregor took to Twitter on Wednesday, telling fans, “Mma, I’ll never forget you! Easy work.”

If the retirement rumors are true, McGregor will finish his UFC career with a 22-6 overall record after losing three of his final four fights.

Conor McGregor Career Earnings and Net Worth

According to reports, Conor McGregor has earned over $55 million during his UFC and boxing career.

McGregor introduced a new era of celebrity boxing when he fought Floyd Mayweather in 2017.

Since then, he has been focused on increasing his net worth through a series of brand partnerships, including the launch of his own whisky brand, Proper No. 12.

In 2021, McGregor sold his shares in the brand to Jose Cuervo for a reported $600 million.

Will McGregor Return To The UFC?

McGregor added to the confusion when wishing Arnold Schwarzenegger a happy birthday on Twitter.

During his birthday tweet, McGregor quoted Schwarzenegger’s famous catch phrase, “I’ll be back” and accompanied the tweet with a series of photos, including one with his leg in a cast.

Check out the tweet below.

This isn’t the first time that McGregor has retired and returned via Twitter.

McGregor retired via Twitter in 2019 in the midst of negotiations that were ultimately resolved. He also pulled another retirement hoax in July 2020, moments after the conclusion of UFC 250.

While it remains to be seen if McGregor has officially called it quits, this could be just another stunt by the former UFC champ, who has flirted with thoughts of retirement in the past.